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Subject: Re: [NOR] Norweigian ancestors
Date: Thu, 31 Jan 2008 15:44:56 -0500
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This looks like your great-grandfather and his first wife, Marthe Hansdatter
in the Norwegian 1865 census from Ullensaker.


a.. Census year: 1865
b.. Municipality: Ullensaker
c.. Municipality number: 0235
d.. Name of domicile: Reierstad søndre
Number of persons in this domicile: 4


Name Family status Marital status Occupation Birth year Place of birth
Elias Paulsen hp g Skolelærer, gaardbruger, selveier 1829 Ullensaker
Marthe Hansdatter Kone til nr. 1 g 1823 Norde Odalens Præstegjeld
Paul Gudbrandsen F til nr. 1 e Føderaadsmand 1781 Norde Odalens
Eli Bergersdatter ug Tjenestepige 1847 Norde Odalens Præstegjeld


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Subject: [NOR] Norweigian ancestors

> My great grandparents Anna Everson and Elias Paulson emigrated from Norway
> in 1881 when my grandmother was a toddler. I have been told that he was
> hired
> to accompany a group of emigrants here as he spoke English. He was
> supposed
> to have been a professor in Norway and apparently worked for the
> emigration
> office in Galveston after their arrival as he spoke several languages.
> Does
> anyone know why groups of people emigrated from Norway and how I might
> find
> out if this story is true. They went to Kansas in 1883 apparently to get
> homestead land. I have heard that were rather affluent and had a large
> hog farm,
> but the animals all died of cholera and then the family lost everything.
> He
> was much older she was apparently being 52 and 16 when they married. One
> source says he was her teacher in Norway, and another said they were 40
> and 16
> when they married, although I think the first ages are correct according
> to
> birth dates I have. The second source said she was a maid in his home.
> I
> have also heard that she was supposed to have been a maid in his home and
> then
> have also heard that she might have been his step daughter.
> Elias's parents were Paul Gulbrunson and Anna Quisler, but some records
> apparently list her name as Anna Engebretsdatter. His father was Oley
> Blum.
> Anna's parents were Ever Christopherson and Anna Fisher. Family history
> says
> she had four brothers and two sisters. Her mother apparently died when
> she was
> born and the other children hated her, and she was farmed out to other
> relatives until her father remarried. That second wife then died when
> Anna was
> nine years old. Another family story is that Anna had a sister who was
> quote
> deaf and dumb. I wonder about this as my grandmother Minda and her
> sister
> Alma married brothers. I have otosclerosis a hardening of the inner ear
> bones
> and had surgery twice for it. My Dr kept saying it is always genetic. I
> have since found that a daughter of my grandmothers sister Alma had the
> same
> thing. So, wonder if it came from the Norwegian side of the family.
> I have now found that Elias first wife was Marthe Hansdatter. Elias was
> born 7-23-1829. Anna was born in 1862. Think they were married in
> 1878.
> If anyone knows of this family would love to hear from you.
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