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From: "Even Bergsengstuen" <>
Subject: Re: [NOR] Ingvar Fostervold death, question
Date: Wed, 30 Jun 2010 17:32:52 -0000
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1. He was a home owner in Lillehamer, but he died at the Lung hospital in
Follebu Gausdal.
3. lose is just the end of the word Lungetuberkulose, that is TB.

There are possible two cemeteries.
Lillehammer by the church in the center of Lillehammer and Nordre Gravlund
in the northern part of town not far from the railroad tracks.
When I graduated from Lillehammer Gymnas in 1969 - Odd Fostervold born 1950
graduated at the same time, he was later Norwegian champion in Slalom, for
the club Kringsjå Iddrettslag which is from the northern part of

Even Bergsengstuen

Questions about entry #7
1. Married homeowner, does that mean he owned a home at Follebu, Ostre
Guasdal? Bygdebok says they lived in Orlandet.
2. Why 1884 in parenthesis. 1886 is correct?
3. Died of TB, but what does "lose" mean.

While in Norway in 2001, my cousins were taking a walk around Lillehammer
after dinner and came across his gravestone. Don't know the name of the
cemetery he was buried in, is there any way of figuring that out from this
parish record.
Nancy F.H.

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