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From: "Lars E. Oyane" <>
Subject: Re: [NOR] Lars Anderson (Civil War vet) (1834) and wifeGertrude(1821) - WI/IA/MN - what happened to them?
Date: Wed, 17 Aug 2011 21:40:27 +0200
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Dear Vickie, Kat, Nancy, Hank, Barbara and other Listers!

Thank you so much for your wonderful follow-up messages to my Enderson/Anderson problem!

I will of course be anxious to learn where Gertrude Anderson was buried after she died in Minneapolis, MN in 1910. However, knowing she was considered insane at the time of the census, she may not have been buried with her husband... I guess we'll need a "qualified" check of her death certificate...

Now, it is indeed confusing with this Lars Enderson who filed on land in St. John's township, Kandiyohi Co., MN in 1866. I thought I would check that township in the 1870- census, but don't even find it! Does anyone know what was the original name of that township in what was then Monongalia Co., MN?

Then it comes to my mind: Apart from an application for naturalization from 1870 (, where Dane Co., WI is suggested his place of residence, we have no proof as to where this family resided between the birth of their youngest son in 1865 and the 1880 census when they show up in Humboldt Co., IA. Could it be they did file on land in Kandiyohi Co., MN in 1866 after all, but abandoned the land without ever living there? If we could only find them in the 1870 census...!? I just can't find them in Dane Co., WI!

Thanks again for your interest and great assistance in this matter!

Very sincerely yours,

Lars E. Oyane


On Aug 17, 2011, at 8:28 PM, wrote:

> Nancy,
> I don't think the Lars Anderson/Enderson in the above subject line would be
> considered an "early settler" of Kandiyohi County, founded circa 1858.
> (The only connection we know so far to Kandiyohi County is that he may have
> been buried there; otherwise, according to censuses and our Norway Lister,
> Lars Oyane, he lived in Wisconsin, Iowa, Murray County, MN and in 1900,
> Pipestone County, MN.) I'm wondering if the county history book author(s)
> confused Lars Oyane's "Lars Anderson" with the Lars Enderson who bought land in
> Kandiyohi County on August 1, 1866 (Township 120 N, Range 35 W, section 20).
> I'm still puzzled why Lars Anderson (b. Jan. 31, 1834 Sogndal) would have
> been buried in a county where he probably never lived?! Hope we're tracking
> the right guy!
> Vickie in MN
> In a message dated 8/17/11 12:03:53 PM, writes:
>> Lars,
>> I just checked the 1905 Kandiyohi county history book. Page 370 for St.
>> John's township under the heading "other early settlers" - Enderson, Lars,
>> born Jan 30, 33 in Norway; died Sept 20, 1902. I see here birthyear was
>> one
>> year off. Couldn't find any more about him in the book.
>> Nancy F.H.

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