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From: Steve Heimerle <>
Subject: Re: [NOR] Ancestry complaint
Date: Fri, 24 Feb 2012 14:17:54 -0800 (PST)
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My impression is that religion is a taboo topic for this listserv but my understanding is that Mormons believe they have the right to baptize the dead as a way of increasing their numbers.  Given they are doing it to people they do not know and who have no voice in the matter it seems a rather shallow thing - on paper, so to speak - how could it possibly have an impact on the dead? It makes me wonder whether each member of the church who participates in this gets some sort of "credit" for baptizing a certain number of people.  I did know someone who passed away last year - a Mormon who helped a lot of people find their ancestors including me - was towards the end of his life creating a lot of family trees on He made errors along the way in his haste, but I also saw no evidence he was baptizing anyone. In my interaction with him I did not sense he was motivated to do that.

I live in San Francisco and just this past week word got out that a new website has been launched in which one can select a dead Mormon and make him or her gay retroactively.  That may or may not be funny, but it suggests the level of seriousness one may have in thinking of this. Still, the process feels disrespectful, and why not puts one's time to a better use?


> From: Nukilik <>
>To: Steve Heimerle <>;
>Sent: Friday, February 24, 2012 1:58 PM
>Subject: Re: [NOR] Ancestry complaint
>Yes Steve, indeed, I did not have the same experience, but the genealogist
>(of my family I told about just now with this nonsens stories at the
>internet) seems a member of the LDS . He also had "sealed records`' about my
>How is this possible without the knowledge of the other living
>Can they just make a CD or a Pedigree Result at the LDS without the
>permission of living decendants?  I am a living descendant and nobody ever
>has asked a question about this matter to me.
>-----Oorspronkelijk bericht-----
>From: Steve Heimerle
>Sent: Friday, February 24, 2012 10:12 PM
>Subject: Re: [NOR] Ancestry complaint
>I had the experience of laboriously finding baptism and marriage records for
>some Gjerstad ancestors from the 1700's - Kveim and Lunden - and then seeing
>these relatives in a family tree posted on ancestry - but with the addition
>of them having been baptized and "sealed" in 2010!!  I have very little
>connection to or knowledge of these ancestors - but seeing this was still
>horrifying and offensive to me.  I wrote the person listed as the contact
>for that tree, but never heard back. I included a Digital Archives page link
>to one of my ancestor's baptism in my message, too.
> is used by the masses for a massive variety of reasons!.
>Steve Heimerle in San Francisco
>> From: Nukilik <>
>>To: norwaylist <>
>>Sent: Friday, February 24, 2012 12:38 PM
>>Subject: Re: [NOR] Ancestry complaint
>>Hello genscan (sorry I do’nt know your name)
>>I do’nt know the law here in my country. Maybe indeed that dead persons
>>have no legal rights.
>>I think this is a very difficult matter.
>>You must know that when I have seen these ridicule stories told about my
>>grandparents at the internet, I became furious, I could not sleep.
>>And I really got the feeling that I had to make these things right, even if
>>these people were dead. I felt it was necessary that some justice had to be
>>(at the internet....)
>>genscan wrote:
>>Reina has correctly identified a problem (third parties attaching
>>information to family trees that might be false), but I really do not know
>>what can be done about it, other than doing follow-up posts of correct
>>information. I do not pretend to know what the law is in other countries,
>>but in most states in the USA, one can only be charged with libel or
>>slander if the story is about a LIVING person. The deceased have no legal
>>rights not to be defamed, and in theory one can say anything one wants
>>about the dead, no matter how wrong it is.
>>I think that fortunately most misinformation that shows up on genealogy
>>sites is not deliberate misstatements, but normally just the result of
>>careless research. If you show the poster why the information is wrong,
>>most people will accept it, although sometimes people are stubborn about
>>admitting mistakes. I think this is especially true in cases where people
>>are trying to link themselves to some famous or royal line, and do not like
>>being told they are not really related to St. Olaf.
>>Reina wrote
>>Yes, me too, I have found out that somebody who seems a kind of genealogist
>>(I do not know him) has put stories about my grandparents online, which are
>>really nonsense stories.
>>I have known my grandparents and there have been some articles written
>>them in the local papers and in a book (I have in my possession). So it can
>>be proven that this genealogist is wrong and that he has not done his
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