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From: "Hali Johnson" <>
Date: Sat, 3 Jun 2000 22:38:28 -0700

I'm not much familiar with the history or geneology of Queen Deborah Kapule, of Kauai, HI, but I am searching for info on the Kapule family, and have had no responses from any of the Rootsweb
mailing lists. Please take a minute to go through these names and see if
you can find anything to help me out! Again, the info I have, plus a little

My grandmother, Anna KAPULE (name on birth certificate) born Sept. 3, 1918
was born to father John Naia KAPULE (parents Keaka KAPULE and Hannah
HAALOU, Paia, Maui) and mother Mary Kahula HELELOA in Moloaa, Kauai. We
have confirmed 10 siblings, as listed below:

Elizabeth Kamaluokalani KAPULE Bonilla (Bonella)
b. 18 Jul 1912

Solomon KAPULE
b. 15 Oct 1913

Victoria KAPULE Enad
b. 23 Jul 1914

Hanna KAPULE (1st marriage, Kauloha/Keuloha) Noblisse
b. 3 Feb 1917

Anna KAPULE, aka Juanita Ekekela KAPULE (1st marriage, Takafuji - 2nd
marriage, Potocki) Woods
b. 3 Sep 1918

Malia, aka Miriam KAPULE Espinas
b. 22 Jan 1920

Margaret KAPULE Tara
b. 22 Jan 1920

b. 18 Jan 1921

b. 8 Aug 1923

Ethel KAPULE Bosque
b. 10 Dec 1924

Maggie KAPULE Lorio
b. 10 Dec 1924

My grandmother was apparently taken in by the Ekekela family at around 18
months of age. She used the name Ekekela all her life, sometimes as a last
name, but mostly Ekekela Kapule. Her birth certificate states the name Anna
Kapule, but even her oldest sister said that her name was Juanita, so I
don't think Anna was ever used. She also, at times, used the name Anita.
We recently found out that she was married at age 15 to a Takafuji, already
pregnant, and have found a little info on that son, now deceased. My
grandfather was her 2nd husband, Anthony Thomas Potocki. They had at
least 5 children between them before divorcing , 24 May 1970. Four were
born in Hawaii, then my mother in Tacoma, Wa. My grandmother later
remarried again, to a Howard Woods. As you can see, this is a very
confusing situation. To add to it, my grandmother used different names on
my Aunt and Uncles' birth certificates.

RECENTLY FOUND (Thanks to James!)
about the Ekekela/Kapule family:

Husband : Mitchell Kapule
b. abt 1840 Koolau, Kauai

Wife : Mrs. Minnie Kapule
b. abt 1844 Koolau, Kauai

Lillian Von Mitchell
b. 29 Apr 1872 Koolau, Kauai
Married James Von Ekekela

Any information that anyone might have would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks-- Hali

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