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From: Rod Neep <>
Subject: Re: The Cart before the Horse
Date: Thu, 11 Jun 1998 03:48:46 +0100

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>Please can anyone come up with a suggestion to unravel the following mystery
>for me. ?
>The first entry is for a baptism of Mary Turney to William and Mary Turney on
>the 15th December 1771. The next entry is the marriage of William Turney and
>Mary Beacock who were married by banns on the 23rd December 1771. The banns
>were called on the 8th, 15th and 22nd of December. There is only the one set
>of William and Mary Turney's in Attenborough, why then was their first child
>christened under the name of Turney when in actual fact the parents had not
>married until 8 days later. ?
>Can anyone offer a solution, I'd be very grateful.

Well, at the time of the baptism they were obviously intending to get
married.... as the banns were already being read, and there is nothing
to stop them having the child baptised with the father's surname. I
don't think that it is that much of a mystery.

I have seen instances where the couple left the baptism until after the
marriage to make things "look right".... in one case the same day, and
in the register (a combined register with baptisms, marriages and
burials) the baptism of the child followed the marriage on the next line
in the register.

In another instance I have seen a register *altered* by the vicar at a
later date. Beneath the scribbles one can just make out the woman's
maiden name, and the married name inserted below using a different pen.

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