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From: "Paul Nix, [PanSoft]" <>
Subject: Re: Plowright, Ruddington
Date: Sat, 21 Nov 1998 18:30:28

Hi Sheila,
Sorry, a bit behind responding to my mail...

Some years ago I visited a farm within Barton in Fabis
[Barton in the Beans], to see Mr. Plowright who at that time was still
using Shire Horses on his farm instead of a tractor.

He/his family were responsible for breeding the Shire's for
a local Brewery [Shipstones]; alas now gone.

Known locally as Shipo's "all Gas and Water" but my Grandma
supped a quart of their "Nut Brown Ale" every day of her life and
she died at 90 [most of my precedents were publicans].

At the time I saw him he must have been in his late 50's
or eary 60's.

I believe, but did not see, he a son or son's and from what he
said to me I got the impression that his family had resided in the
village for many years, nay centuries.

He had won many awards at the Anual Plowing competitions for
Plowing with a pair of horses.

There farm is right in the village itself.

Hope this is of some help.....

All for now Paul.

At 23:24 16/11/98 -0000, you wrote:
>Hi everyone - Is anyone researching the Plowrights at Ruddington ?
>Richard Plowright married Hannah Towers of Barton in Fabis at Wilford,


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