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Subject: Re: [Notts] East Bridgford Puzzle/REPLY
Date: Tue, 23 Mar 2004 18:52:46 -0500
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I have a number of workhouses on my web site as well as schools for Home
Children. I also have some census for these houses. You might find what
your looking for there

Carol (tweetybird)

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Visit my home page for "Home Children" information
and other "world wide" links plus various passenger lists.
Searching :
Hart, Haslip, Jackson, Stevens, Little, Budge,
Chipman, Welch, Russell, Johns & Glover

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Subject: [Notts] East Bridgford Puzzle

Hi list,
Thanks to Canada Jayne - what would we do without her - I have an
ancestor aged 12yrs on the 1841 Census in East Bridgford in company with
many other young people, ranging from 10 - 20yrs old, in some sort of school
or institution. Many are listed as MS for males and FS for females (we
wonder about Male & Female students) as well as other trades & professions
i.e. Farmer, Schoolmistress, Brick makers & Ag Lab's.
Can anyone please shed some light on where this School/institution was
and/or its purpose?
Tony R Burton. Scotland.
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