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From: Julie Driver <>
Subject: 1820 Settlers to South Africa - Transcribed Correspondence
Date: Tue, 22 Aug 2006 18:29:08 -0400


The some of the members of the Notts. group that
immigrated to South Africa in 1820 are listed in
this correspondence by the Duke of NEWCASTLE to
Lord BATHURST, regarding CALTON's Party. Please
note that not all of people listed actually left
the UK, though maybe you will find one of yours
that you thought you had lost track of!

and SOUTH-AFRICA-IMMIGRANTS-BRITISH-L with permission to repost.

Julie Driver
PS. My Edward DRIVER of Kelham is not on this
list, but he was a member of CALTON's Party.

Transcribed by Lynn McLeod from CO48/44 at the
National Archives in Kew, London

Nov. 6, 1819
My Lord
By this post your Lordship will receive a
letter which I have written as Chairman to the
Subscribers to the fund for promoting Colonizations.
I think it right, in addition, to call
your Lordship’s attention to the circumstances, that
our subscriptions was entered into for the purpose of
rendering material benefit and not for any private
advantage, which is the case, I believe, with all the
other applications that have been made to you.
This, I conceive, entitles one application
to every consideration and performance and I should
hope that such will be given by your Lordship. We are
pledged to the people to promote their going out to
the Cape and not only would it be very mortifying to
show ourselves obliged to [their] faith with them, but
I am convinced that in doing so would in many ways be
attended with any bad effect.
I have the honour to remain
Your Lordship’s
Very humble & obdt.

Nov. 6, 1819
My Lord
As Chairman of a meeting of the
Subscribers to the relief by colonization in this
county, held at Mansfield this day, and by their
desire I beg to state to your Lordship, that they as
well as I, are greatly surprised to find that Mr
GOULBURN in his letter to Mr GODFREY of the 2nd inst,
had omitted to give any answer to the inquiries
submitted to him by Mr GODFREY’s letter of the 25
ulto., inasmuch as those inquiries relate to the
general objects of the Subscribers and apply to the
list transmitted to Mr GOULBURN by Mr GODFREY in his
letter of the 20th Ulto., and as we understood by the
terms of Mr GOULBURN’s letter of the 28th that the
number contained in the list was intended by your
Lordship to be permitted to proceed to the Cape of
Good Hope with other settlers going out this year, I
must request the favor of your Lordship to transmit to
me as early as possible a specific answer to the
inquiries referred to, a copy of which I enclose, in
order that the measures adopted for the sending out
the number of persons to [be] accepted may be
immediately carried into effect.
I have the honor to remain my Lord,
Your Lordship’s very obdt. svt
P.S. I have particularly to request an immediate
answer from your Lordship which I may lay before the
Subscribers with the least possible delay.

Nov. 12, 1819
My Lord,

We have had a final meeting today of the Subscribers
for emigration and we find it necessary to enquire:

1.Whether a sufficiency of corn for bread & for seed
will certainly be found at the Cape of Good Hope and
at a reasonable price.
2.What port is fixed upon for the Nott’s emigrants
to embark from
3.To be allowed permission for 50 families to go out
on our account ­ that is 50 men, most of them with
wives and families.

A complete list shall be sent as soon as possible, but
at present from [unf….] in some and unwillingness in
others, continual alteration is taking place in the
list, in a very few days their difficulties will be
overcome and we hope to be able to act with more
I have particularly to request your Lordship to accede
to my last proposal and if you will trust to me I will
take care that nothing improper shall take place ­ I
am exceedingly anxious for the success of our
I have the honor to remain
My Lord
Your Lordship’s
Very obdt. St

Statement of Persons desirous of emigrating to the
Cape of Good Hope ­ B Hingham 18th October 1819

(Names of Men, Age, Town, Parish, Trade or Profession,
Names of Women, Age, Names of Children, Age
(Years/Months) : Observations)

George DENNISON, 36, Notts., St Mary’s, Farmer &
knitter, Hannah, 29, Ann 6/6, George 4/10, Henry 1/10,
Charlotte 1mth
Serjeant Pensioner 35th Regt. At 9. per diem

George PALMER, 36, Notts, St Mary’s, Farmer & knitter,
Millicent, 32, George 14/1, Benj’m 12/2, George 8/1
(My note: Both definitely written as George but Nash
has Gervase 14)

Thomas PALMER, 23, Notts, St. Mary’s, Farmer &
knitter, Elizabeth, 22

Christ’ LANGEN, 46, Notts, St. Mary’s, Farmer &

Rich’d MARSHALL, 23, Notts, St. Mary’s, Farmer &

John SIMPSON, 27, Notts, St. Mary’s, Bricklayer, Mary,
26, Sarah 6

John BILBY, 40, Notts., St. Mary’s, Framework Knitter,
Ann, 21, George 16/3, John 10/3, Eliza 1

Rich’d KEMSHAW, 40, Notts, St. Mary’s, Framework
Knitter, Eliz’th, 30, Benj’m 15, Caroline 12/2, Sarah
LACEY 14/3 (as part of Richard Kemshaw’s family)

Thos. KEMSHAW. 20, Notts., St. Mary’s, Framework

Jos’h SMITH, 36, Notts., St. Mary’s, Blacksmith,
Mary, 32 : Serjeant Pensioner 69th Regt. At 1 per diem

James WRIGHT, 31, Notts. St. Mary’s. Framework
Knitter, James 8/1, John 3/3
Pensioner 59th Regt. At 9 per diem

Rich’d FISHER, 31, Notts. St. Mary’s, Framework
Knitter, Ab’l [?], 32

James STURT, 40, Notts, St. Nicholas, Laborer, Charles

John HOOLEY, 48, Notts. St. Mary’s, Framework Knitter

William HOOLEY, 22, Notts. St. Mary’s , Mary, 22

William WATSON, 21, Notts., St. Mary’s, Laborer

Henry STORER, 21, Notts., St. Mary’s, Laborer

William FIDS [FIDO], 27, Notts., St. Mary’s,
Framework Knitter

William ELLIOT, 47, New Radford, Framework Knitter

William ELLIOTT, 25, New Radford, Framework Knitter,
Elizabeth, 22, Nathaniel 3, William 8mth

Mark ELLIOT, 21, New Radford, Framework Knitter

William PIKE, 40, Keyworth, Framework Knitter, Sarah -
, Sarah 17, William 15, Elija 6/5,
Rose 4/3 (My Note: His wife was Mary, the son was

Thomas PIKE, 19, Keyworth, Framework Knitter

John WARREN, 28, Notts. St. Mary’s, Framework Knitter

John WHITE, 20, Notts. St. Mary’s, Framework Knitter :
Pensioner 1st Regt. At 6 per diem

Chris’r TATHAM, 22, Notts. St. Mary’s, Brass Founder

John DAFT, 22, Notts., St. Mary’s, Laborer

James STUBBORNS, 40, Notts, St. Nicholas, Laborer

Bononi? BUGG, 37, New Radford, Framework Knitter,
Mary, 33, Matilda 13/1, Benjamin 64,
Dinia 2/4, Joseph 4mths
Pensioner 88th Regt. At 9 per diem

John WARD, 19, Notts., St. Mary’s, Framework Knitter

Conian? WOOD, 24, Notts., St. Mary’s, Framework

William TAYLOR, 24, Notts., St. Mary’s, Laborer, Eliza
24, William 4/1

William FOWLES, 27, Basford, Framework Knitter, Ann,
20, John 8mths

William Cross, 29, Bunny, Cordwainer

John Tomlinson, 20, Notts. St. Mary’s, Framework

Joseph WRIGHT, 21, Notts., St. Mary’s, Framework

William HARRISON, 21, Notts., St. Mary’s, Framework

John BELLAMY, 21, Notts., St. Mary’s, Framework
Knitter, Diana 23, Eliz’th 1/3

James HARRIS, 18, Notts., St. Mary’s, Framework

Thomas WOOD, 21, Notts., St. Mary’s, Framework Knitter

George TWELLS, 23, Notts., St. Mary’s, Ropemaker,
Hannah, 20

Children above 14 years6
Children under 14 years25
Total No. of persons88

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