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From: "Tony Proctor" <>
Subject: Re: [NTT] Cemetery Road, Nottingham
Date: Sun, 5 May 2013 11:22:09 +0100
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Riste's Place is on the 1885 map I sent you Annette. I had a browse through
an 1858 Wrights directory at that Web site I gave you. It mentions Rice
Court & Rice yard, both off Rice Place, which was off Barker Gate. If your
ancestors were shopkeepers of any type then they may be mentioned by name in

Page 137 of that directory is interesting since it "walks" along Barker Gate
from the Stoney St end. It mentions Stoney St, then #2/3/4, then Rice Place,
then Salem Chapel, then St Mary's Boys School.

Both the chapel and the school are shown on my 1885 map so that pretty much
confirms that Rice Place was changed between 1858 and 885 to Riste's Place.

That area has totally changed but I am pretty sure that Riste's Place is
still there and is one of the few cobblestoned streets still there.


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> Tony thank you so much for the information and the map it is of great
> help.
> The people I am looking at were in Rice Pl (1851) Rice Yard (1861) and
> then
> Riste's Place (1861). I don't know if they are the same or not as where I
> can find one name in a given year the other isn't there and vice versa. I
> wondered if there had been a name change.
> Twitchells - I like that....the sound of it doesn't portray anything to me
> as an Australian but I imagine if anyone says that in Notts then you know
> exactly what it is...I just hope I remember it in case I hear it again.
> Cheers
> Annette

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