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From: Frances Bishop <>
Subject: [NS Seafarers] George's Bank shipwreck 1853
Date: Tue, 2 Jul 2002 09:16:50 -0700

In searching the web for information about two schooners built/based
at Cap des Corporon on the Tusket River at Tusket Wedge/Wedgeport, I
find reference to George's Bank off Newfoundland and also "George's
Bank, MA" [United States].

Is there any way to determine which fishing ground was the most
likely destination for the schooner TUSKET in 1853? Do hurricanes
occur in both locations? (If so, at what season of the year?)

Also, did anyone survive this shipwreck?

Background: Two schooners built/owned by Cyrille POTHIER, progenitor
of partners in J.H. PORTER and CO. of Tusket Wedge/Wedgeport - the
TUSKET, of 57 tons burden, built 1845, and the WATER ROSE, of 66 tons
burden, acquired 1853 - were wrecked in hurricanes in 1853:
- Tusket: "some miles to the west of George's Bank"
- Water Rose: "near the mouth of the Clyde River in the Antilles".
Source: A History of Wedgeport, Nova Scotia by Father Clarence J.
d'Entremont, page 78 (1967), written in French. The author in turn
cites these sources, "J. Murray Lawson's two volumes, Record of the
Shipping of Yarmouth and Yarmouth, Past and Present," which I have
not seen.

With thanks and best wishes,
Frances Bishop

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