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From: "Anna M. MacDonald" <>
Subject: [NOVA-SCOTIA-L] 1907 Sealing Schooner Crews
Date: Thu, 1 Apr 1999 17:57:44 -0400 (AST)

Here we go again. I will most likely be doing a couple of postings on the
1907 sealers because the information is lengthy. The newspaper went into
a bit more detail and the following article will be continued in a
subsequent posting.

The Evening Mail (Halifax, Nova Scotia), 27 August 1907, pp. 1, 6:


The first of the sealing fleet, the Pescawha, sailed yesterday for the
sealing grounds with flags flying and cheers from the crews of the nearby
sealers fitting out. This is the first sealing trip of the Pescawha,
which is a new vessel built at Liverpool. She will not return to Halifax,
her crew signing to be paid off at Victoria, B.C. Seven other vessels
will fit out at Halifax for the sealing grounds and will follow close upon
the Pescawha. The probable order of sailing will be as follows:

Pescawha, Monday
Alice Gertrude, Tuesday
Agnes Donahue, Tuesday
E.R. Balcom, Tuesday
Baden Powell, this week
E.B. Marvin, this week
Beatrice L. Corkum, about Sept. 20
Village Belle, about Oct. 1

The Pescawha is owned by J.W. PEPPITT, of Victoria. The rest of the fleet
is owned or managed by Halifax parties.

The Baden Powell is owned by the Baden Powell Co., Ltd.

The Agnes Don[a]hue, and E.R. Balcom are managed by the E. Donahue and
Sons, Halifax.

The E.B. Marvin is owned by the Victoria Sealing Company, Victoria.

The Alice Gertrude is owned by the Sealing Company.

Yesterday was a busy day at the Shipping Office, yet the obliging
officials were ready to extend The Mail representative any assistance in
their power. From them the following lists of the various crews were
obtained, and they are specially interesting as so many of the crews are
Nova Scotians. In some cases all who signed will not sail and in other
cases the crews have not yet been completed.

The Pescasha carried the following officers and crew:

Captain - Charles E. LeBLANC, Arichat.
1st Mate - Havelock BAKER, Musquodoboit Harbor.
2nd Mate - John BAKER, Musquodoboit Harbor.
Cook and Steward - L.W. JOHNSON, Lunenburg.
Cabin Boy - Sydney WAMBOLT, Sheet Harbor.
Hunters and boat steerers -
O. CAMERON, Shelburne;
Jas. BOURGET, Victoria;
Roland KEDDY, Dartmouth;
Frank BAKER, Marie Joseph;
Henry McKENZIE, Pictou;
H. J. ELLIOTT, Dartmouth;
Emanuel GRANT, Port au[x] Basque;
Austin BEAVER, Harrigan's Cove;
Sidney CALDER, Dartmouth;
John MORRISEY, Dartmouth;
Arthur CONNOLLY, St. Margaret's Bay;
Valentine ROCHE, Dartmouth;
Edward HENDERSON, Burgeo, Nfld.

Schooner Alice Gertrude, built at Lunenburg in 1902, tonnage 81.
Captain - M. RYAN.
1st Mate - Arthur GRIFFIN, Halifax.
2nd Mate - James KEATING, Halifax.
Cook and Steward - Nathan MADER, Mahone [Bay].
Cabin Boy - Lawrence A. TOFT, Halifax.
Hunters and steerers -
Charles BROWN, Chester;
George HAGARTY, North Sydney;
Harry MILLS, Pictou;
Percy SHUPE, Martin's Point, Lunenburg co.;
Stephen HEISLER, Heisler's Island, Lunenburg co.;
Edward WALSH, Devil's Island
Horton BEAVER, Harrigan's Cove;
Fred SHURAUNE, Pictou;
H. STANLEY, Grand Manan, N.B.;
Sears KEATING, Halifax;
Charlie MILLS, Pictou;
Harry SHRIDER, Canso;
Ben OSNEES, Christiansend, Norway;
Harry PACE, Halifax;
Willie NAUSS, Mahine[Mahone] Bay.

Schooner Agnes Douahue[Donahue], built at Lunenburg in 1903, tonnage 99.
Port of discharge Halifax. Term one year.
Captain - S.H. BALCOM, Victoria, B.C.
1st Mate - Wm. DOMINEY, Halifax.
2nd Mate - C. McDONALD, Harrigan's Cove.
Cook and Steward - Nathan HILTZ, Mahone Bay.
Cabin Boy - Ellis LESLIE, Harrigan's Cove.
Hunters and boat steerers -
Thomas McDONALD, Harrigan's Cove;
William McDONALD, Harrigan's Cove;
Owen HENNEBERRY, Sambro;
Nicholas MASON, Fisherman's Harbor;
Stanley BALCOM, Port Dufferin;
Arthur BALCOM, Port Dufferin;
Howard DARR, Port Dufferin;
John HUGHES, Halifax;
Simon McDONALD, Harrigan's Cove;
Thomas O'LEARY, Quoddy;
Alex. McDONALD, Pictou;
Welsford ROSITER, Ramea(?), Nfld;
John FLEET, Ecum Secum;
Frank CASHAN, Port Felix;
F.P. SHAR, Bay St. George;
R. DONNETTE, Havre, France;
Reuben BAKER, Musquodoboit.

Schooner Edith R. Balcom, built at Lunenburg in 1903, tonnange 99.
Captain - W.E. BAKER, Berwick.
1st Mate - W.S. HENNEBERRY, Sambro.
2nd Mate - George SPEARS, Halifax.
Cook and Steward - A. RAFUSE, Lunenburg.
Cabin Boy - Charlles E. ROGERS, Halifax.
Hunters and boat steerers -
Walter DUGGAN, Prospect;
Samuel BRENNAN, Prospect;
Gourley HARTLING, Port Dufferin;
Louis CHRISTIAN, Upper Prospect;
Joseph CHRISTIAN, Upper Prospect;
Guss HENNEBERRY, Sambro;
Manley BARNARD, Ecum Secum;
Allen WAMBOLDT, Sheet Harbor;
Duncan O'NEIL, Haggart's Cove;
Morgan CHRISTIAN, Prospect;
Harry YETMAN, Harbour Grace, Nfld;
Walter CHRISTIAN, Prospect;
Maurice BARKHOUSE, Kingsport;
Joseph HARDIMAN, Upper Prospect.

(To be continued in another posting. Edward WALSH, of Devil's Island,
sailing on the Alice Gertrude would be a great-uncle of mine although I
never met him. He was a son of Charles Alfred WALSH and Agnes Maria
HENNEBERRY, of Devil's Island. I have never been able to find out much
about Charles Alfred WALSH who died in the late 1940s. He was
illegitimate and would never talk about his family although I have been
told his mother may have been a COOLEN from Prospect. If anyone ever
comes across a baptismal register for him, please let me know. He was a
Roman Catholic but he could have been baptized anywhere.)

Anna MacDonald, Dartmouth, NS

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