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In 1866 a Scottish merchant, William Murdoch, who had made his money in
Halifax, NS, died leaving 5,000 pounds Nova Scotia currency for the
establishment of a school for the blind in Halifax. It opened in 1871 and
Frederick Fraser became its first superintendent in 1873.
Charles Frederick Fraser was one of the few surviving children of Dr.
Benjamin DeWolfe Fraser of Windsor, NS. He was born in 1850 and lost the
sight in one eye in childhood. Vision in the other eye deterioated and he
was sent to Boston for six years to the Perkins School for the Blind. He
was a bright student and an accomplished musician. He was knighted on 3
June 1914 and retired in 1923. Sir Charles Frederick Fraser was known as
"the Blind Knight of Nova Scotia." He died in 1925.

The original school was the Halifax Asylum for the Blind, incorperated in
1867, later the Halifax School for the Blind, and now, in new quarters since
1983, the Sir Frederick Fraser School. SOURCE: Loomer, L.S., Windsor Nova

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As for the surname EDGECOME, I suggest your friend try:


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Subject: [NS-L] Halifax School for the Blind - EDGECOMBE, Edward

> Hello
> I'm submitting an enquiry for a friend overseas who is looking for
> information on a school for the blind in Nova Scotia. I'm assuming it
> the "Halifax School for the Blind".
> Edward George EDGECOMBE born England abt 1894 was sent to a School for the
> Blind children in Nova Scotia. This was sometime after 1901 as he was
> in the English Census in 1901.
> Does anyone have any information on the school or any EDGECOMBE'S?
> Thank you.
> Trish LEWIS
> NS
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