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From: "Donald J. Rogers" <>
Subject: RE: "DODD'S"
Date: Tue, 25 May 2004 07:30:53 -0700

Was just wondering if someone out there could help me out.....

Per something that was written to my 2nd cousin from her aunt, she said about a "WEEKS" being married to a Justice Dodd, but did not put down her name.

I was told that one of my "WEEKS" family married the Justice of
the Supreme Court of Nova Scotia, Edmund Murray Dodd, d, July 24,1876 at
age 80 years. They were married a very short time [ 2 or 3 years] before she
died, and he then re married to a Caroline Marie ???, b, Sept. 21, 1809;
d, May 13, 1900.
I have found in a web site of the " St. George's Anglican Church Cemetery", in
Sydney,N.S. plots for Justice Dodd as well as his 2nd wife. In there is
also plots for sons of the Justice Dodd, a Edmund Murray Dodd, died - March
12,1862, age 27 years; a Capt. Don Dodd, died - May 11, 1883, age 44 years;
as well as a daughter, Susan Helen [ Dodd ] Pooley, died Dec. 29, 1871, age
32 years..... I take it that these are all from his second wife.

What I am after is the name and family of the "WEEKS" family that his
first wife was from..... Where I have run into trouble is that there were 5
or 6 "Joshua Wingate Weeks" and my Great grandmother, a Henrietta Helen
Weeks, b.. May 6,1851, in North West Arm, Cape Breton Co.; died on May 6,1917, in Vancouver, B.C. Have as her father, a Joshua Wingate Weeks, who was
the 'High Sheriff' in Sydney when Henrietta married John Philip Gruchy. I
have found that Joshua was born in St.John's Nfld, but have not been able to
prove it, nor who his father is as well.

Trying to find out how Justice Dodd ties into this part of the family ....

I know that it has to be out there, but it is just finding the right spot
to look.
I had gone into Google and typed in Rev. Joshua Wingate Weeks + Nova
Scotia and did find a list and got into a page that got me into a web site
that gave me some info with a good size tree, only after getting into this
page two times when I tried the third time I could not get into the site.

I am hoping that there is someone on the list that can help me out.

Don Rogers

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