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The Chebucto Foundry was later better known as the Nova Scotia Iron Works, operated by William Montgomery, and it did build at least eight steam locomotives for the Intercolonial Railway in 1872-73
There is a lengthy article on the foundry in the Spring 1984 edition of the Railroad & Locomotive Historical Society's journal by Fritx Lehman.
It does not, however, contain information about specific employees.
The Nova Scotia Railway Heritage Society is attempting to create a dtabase of names associated with the province's railways and its associated industries.
The best I can tell you at present is that the foundry was located in the "Freshwater" area of Halifax, near what is now the Public Gardens, and its workers were largely, although by no means exclusively, of Scotish and Irish extraction.
Montgomery was Scottish by birth, but both he and his partner Thomas Budd were refugees from the Confederate states when they purchased the foundry in 1866.
Prior to that the foundry did no locomotive construction for the provincial railway (the Nova Scotia Railway was established in 1854 and became part of the Intercolonial in 1872.)
Much of the Chebucto Foundry work was in the construction of industrial boilers for factories and saw mills.
If I can be of any further help, do let me know.
Jay Underwood
Nova Scotia Railway Heritage Society
Elmsdale NS
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> Date: 2005/07/09 Sat AM 07:34:15 EST
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> Subject: [NS-L] Chebucto Foundry Employees -- ICR
> I'm wondering if anyone would know where I'd find more information about
> the Chebucto Foundry.
> Specifically about the employees and where they came from I would also be
> interested in knowing if there was a direct relationship between the
> foundry and the construction of the ICR.
> After struggling with a dead end for several years I have a piece of
> information that suggests a person who may have been the father of my
> ancestor (Samuel A PYNE) was employed with the Chebucto foundry in 1853 .
> Samuel A was a boilermaker foreman with the ICR and the earliest I've been
> able to place him in NS to date is 1868. I have not located either
> father or son on the 1861 census but will be rechecking now that I have
> this new information. Would it be possible that the father was employed
> with the foundry, Samuel A apprenticed there and went on to be employed
> with the ICR. Is there anyway to determine any of this?
> Thanks
> Debbie
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