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From: (Lewis Flanders)
Subject: [NS-CB-L] Baptisms at Boularderie, Vict, NS Births 1821-1829 in the area
Date: Fri, 28 Jul 2000 12:13:49 -0300

Been quite a while since this was posted so thought I would send it in hopes
it wll help someone

>The following is a transcription of a letter from Rev. Gillis, minister
>at St John's Presbyterian Church, Belfast, PEI, dated 1979.
>Baptisms done by Rev. John MacLennan on trips to Boularderie.
>A couple of families later emigrated to New Zealand with Norman MacLeod.
>If you find your ancestor here, please contact me.
> ***************************************************
>Baptized on August 18, 1824
>John McRae & Barbara McRae
>Mary born Aug. 24, 1823
>Murdock Kemp & Catharine Kemp
>William born July 21, 1824
>Duncan Kemp & Mary McGregor
>Margaret born March 26, 1824
>Angus McKay & Mary Talmie
>John born Sept. 9, 1821
> Mary born April 10, 1824
>Malcolm McFarlane & Ann Campbell
>Murdo born April 11, 1824
>Baptized on August 26, 1829
>Angus McKay & Mary Murchison
>William born Oct. 27, 1828
>Hugh Morrison & Catherine McLean
>Hector born Nov. 1, 1823
>Mary born Dec. 20, 1826
>Anabella born Aug. 15, 1829
>Ewen McLennan & Eliza Grant
>Mary born June 7, 1828
>Aulay McAulay & Mary Fraser
>Margaret born Aug. 15, 1829
>Kenneth Munroe & Ann Beaton
>John born Feb. 18, 1828
>Roderick McDonald & Catherine McKenzie
>Colin born June 25, 1829
>Donald McFarlan & Mary Agnew
>Archibald born July 23, 1828
>Archibald Morrison & Margaret Morrison
>Effy born May 28, 1828
>Colin McDonald & Mary Fraser
>John born August 24, 1828
>John McKenzie and Ann McLean
>Mary born Oct. 16, 1828
>Alexander McKenzie & Ann Fraser
>Duncan born Oct. 20, 1827
>James born August 17, 1829
>Donald McDonald & Catherine McDonald
>Ann born August 12, 1829
>Murdock McDonald & Catherine McDonald
>Ann born August 17, 1828
>Hector McDonald & Ann McDonald
>Donald born Oct. 22, 1828
>Norman McLeod & Mary McKenzie
>John born Dec. 30, 1828
>William McDonald & Catharine McDonald
>Janet born April 13, 1828
>Duncan McDonald & Ann McNeil
>Lauchlan born August 28, 1827
>Janet born July 10, 1829
>John McLean & Christy McLeod
>Malcolm born August 14, 1828
>Alexander McDonald & Ann McKenzie
>Alexander born May 14, 1829
>Alexander Campbell & Janet Urquhart
>Hannah born Sept. 14, 1820
>Donald born March 16, 1822
>Murdock born Oct. 4, 1826
>John born Dec. 15, 1828
>Margaret McRae, widow of Alex. McKenzie
>John born August 30, 1827
>Baptized on September 16, 1831
>John Ross & Robina McKenzie
>William born December 20, 1825
>Jane born May 20, 1827
>Angus born August 20, 1829
>William Sutherland & Eliza. Sutherland
>Margaret born Feb. 10, 1827
>Catharine born March 21, 1828
>Donalda born August 17, 1831
>Elizabeth born July 17, 1830
>David Corbit & Elizabeth McKenzie
>Charles born April 20, 1827
>Kenneth born April 20, 1830
>Murdock McDonald & Catharine McDonald
>Janet born Nov. 20, 1830
>John Fraser & Isabella McKenzie
>Finlay born April 12, 1831
>Alexander Campbell & Janet Urquhart
>Donald born April 24, 1831
>If you should desire other listings of these birth records, you can find
them in
>the Pine Hill Divinity School Archives in Halifax, Nova Scotia. There is a
>considerable number from the North West Arm and South Arm, Bras D'or
>In Christian service,

>To clarify what county Boularderie Island is in:
Prior to 1851 Boularderie was in Cape Breton County.
Patterson's History of Victoria County, p 1, states:
"The County [Victoria] was separated from the adjoining
County of Cape Breton in the year 1851, but the Act was
amended the following Session, at which time the boundaries
were arranged as follows: 'The County of Cape Breton shall
comprise all that part of the late County of Cape Breton to
the southward of a line commencing at the entrance of a large
stream that falls into the sea about three miles to the westward
of Point Aconi, at the eastern extremity of the Island of
Boularderie, and following the middle of the stream upward, until
it intersects the present highway between the Great and Little
Bras d'Or; thence running parallel to the rear line of the front
lot on the north side of Boularderie, until it comes to the south-
western corner of the Revd. James Fraser's lot on the north side;
thence south twenty degrees east, to the southeastern shore of
Boularderie, and to continue on the same course to the middle of
the Bras d'Or Lake; thence up the middle thereof westerly to the
middle of the Strait of Barra;'" etc.
Between 1851 and 1995, part of Boularderie was in Victoria, and
part in Cape Breton County.
With the formation in 1995 of the Cape Breton Regional Municipality,
part of Boularderie is in Victoria County and part in the CB Regional
>From Boularderie, Victoria County with a view of Boisdale.

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