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From: "Judith (MacRae) Guertin" <>
Subject: [NS-CB-L] Brae School - Grand Anse
Date: Tue, 05 Dec 2000 22:48:36 -0800

Hi, all.

I'm new to the list, though I have been "lurking" for a few weeks. I
just finished transcribing a school register and thought there might be
someone on this who'd recognize someone. The students in my family are
John Dan McRae and Charles Gordon McRae, sons of Mrs. Alexander McRae
(Jessie Blue). Jessie was a widow at the time, her husband having died
Jan 1, 1903 at the age of 48yrs 11mos.
(our name was sometimes then and later always spelled as MacRae). I
found the spelling of Grand Anse interesting. I have a book, The
History of the Presbyterian Church by John Murray, published in 1921
that also refers to "Grandance". We apparently acquired the Register
for proof of age for John Dan at some point. (My own mother taught at
the Brae school sometimes in the early and mid '50s, so she may have
obtained the register).

Brae School - Grand Anse

School Register 1904-1905
Brae Section, No 30
District of Richmond, County of Richmond, NS
For The School Year Ending July, 1905
Teacher - Alexander Ross Macdonald

Students Age on Aug 1, 1904
Barbara McPherson 11yrs 7mos 8days Mrs. Alexander
Cassie Amelia McPherson 9 yrs 7mos 5days Mrs. Alexander McPherson

Bertram McPherson 5 yrs 6mos 26days Mrs. Alexander
Allan John McPherson 7 yrs 0mos 28days Mrs. Alexander
John Dan McRae 9 yrs 9mos 11days Mrs. Alexander McRae

Emma Jane Hill 13yrs 4mos 16days Mr. John Hill
Katie Annie McRae 12yrs11mos 8days Mr. Alexander McRae
William Henry McRae 9yrs 7mos 10days Mr. Alexander McRae
Sarah McLean 14yrs 0mos 0days Mrs. George McRae
Dan Robert McDonald 12yrs11mos 18days Mr. John McDonald
Charles Gordon McRae 13yrs 3mos 9days Mrs. Alexander McRae
Ella Evans Buchanan 13yrs 2mos 6days Mrs. Hugh Buchanan
Hughena McDonald 10yrs 2mos 18days Mr. John MacDonald
Annie May Ferguson 14yrs 1mos 8days Mr. Dan Ferguson
Dan Archie Ferguson 6yrs11mos26days Mr. Dan Ferguson
Stephen William Ferguson 3yrs11mos12days Mr. Dan Ferguson
John William McDonald 5yrs11mos26days Mr. Colin MacDonald
Angus McDonald 15yrs10mos16days Mr. John Macdonald
Mary Bell McLean 14yrs 7mos 12days Mr. Hugh McLean
Allan McLean 8yrs 11mos14days Mr. Neil McLean

Peter Macdonald 5yrs 0mos 0days Mr. John
John McLean 4yrs11mos15days Mr. Neil

(All parents have the address of "Grandance", except Hugh McLean has

School Trustees - Neil Macdonald, Murdoch McPherson, & John Hill
Secretary- Neil Macdonald

School Visitors
Malcolm Macdonald (Teacher) - Grand Ance
Lillian Bell Macdonald - West Bay
John K. Hill - St. Peters
Robert W. E. McKenzie - Cape Geo' Hs'
Alex McLean - Grandance
(illegible - may be Gillis) - Sydney
R.J. Crowder, B.A. -NE Margaree
Willy J. McPhail -Grandance
Angus McRae -Grandance
Dan Ferguson -Grandance
Malcolm McPhail -Grand Anse
Murdock McPherson -Grandance
Hector McDougall -Grand River
Murdock J. Macdonald -Grand Ance
Colin J. Macdonald -Grand Ance
Rev. A McMillan -West Bay
Donald McDougald -Grand ance
Miss Lizzie Macdonald -Grand Ance
Mr. D Buchanan -Grand Ance
Donald McDougald -Grand Ance
Murdo. A. McPherson -Grand Ance

(The register shows number of days attended, grades, etc and even has
notations as to bad weather, including 2 full weeks in Feb 1905 when the
roads remained unbroken.)

I transcribed this verbatim. The inconsistencies in name spellings,
particularly of MacDonalds are present in the register.

Judith (MacRae) Guertin

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