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From: Charlene McKenzie <>
Subject: [NS-CB] Baie-des-Espagnois
Date: Sun, 03 Aug 2008 10:26:45 -0300
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Spanish Bay or Baie d’Espagnols was the bay of the ocean bordering
the present day communities of Sydney Mines, Florence and L’Bras d’Or,
and the harbour now known as Sydney. It extended from Alder point in
Bras d’Or to Cranberry Point in Sydney Mines. Baie des Espagnols did
not refer to the town of Sydney itself, since it did not at that time
exist. Sydney Harbour was referred to as Spanish River or Bay because
of the great number of Spanish fishing vessels to be found there in
the summer. It was not until Cape Breton became an English colony and
the capital chosen to be called after Lord Sydney that Spanish River
became Sydney Harbour. The site of the capital, Sydney, was chosen
to be in the protected land at the far end of Spanish Bay. It was not
as effected by the harsh north-westerlies as was the entrance of the
harbour where the mines were located. For a short time Sydney Harbour
was called Prince Henry Sound.

1677-Coal was dug there as early as 1677 from surface mines.

The Intendant of New France proclaimed a royalty of twenty sous a ton
on all coal mined in CapeBreton at Lloyd’s Cove and Greener’s Beach
(Indian Cove). 8

1724 1732----We know that Coal was shipped from Spanish Bay to Boston
in 1724, to Martinique in 1732. The area also supplied coal to

1751-“ At Baie d’Espagnols some Acadians had settled and had begun to
clear the land. He (Pichon) says that there were beds of limestone
and building stone on the banks of the river , and two coal pits.
Pichon said that Labrasdor was the most populous part of the island.”

The French who settled here (at Baie-des-Espagnols) made their homes
along the gully at Greener's Cove (Indian Cove), and Lloyd's Cove,
Sydney Mines

Charlene McKenzie

On 2-Aug-08, at 8:29 PM, Karen M wrote:

> I need some serious help! I'm trying to tie all the information I
> have on my LeRoy andcestors and I'm really confused. I descend from
> Charles LeRoy and Marie Charlotte Chauvet. On the 1752 census it
> states he was born in Paris about 1698. He is 52. She is also 52
> and a native of laCadia.
> They are found in Baye des Espagnols and it further states that they
> have been in the Colony for 2 years July 22. Land given verbally etc.
> Is the 2 years mentioned, 2 years in Bay des Espagnols? Is that
> part of Nova Scotia isle and not Cape Breton isle? Is that
> LaCadia? What was the early name (if any) for Halifax or
> Annapolis? When LaCadia is mentioned could it be anywhere, Nfld,
> NS, CB, PEI,St Pierre & Miquilon. I get so confused by all the
> different names used at different times.
> I'm confused by the fact it states she was born in laCadia, but they
> were only in the colony 2 years.
> Am I missing something or was she born somewhere else in La Cadia?
> Another question...Jean dit LaLiberte LeRoy who married Marie
> Aubois. Is there any record that they were in Paris, France prior
> to 1700? I have found many records showing Jean & Marie as the
> parents of Charles, b 1698 (I believe based on the census), born in
> Paris who married Marie Charlotte Chauvet. The 1752 states he was
> born in Paris. Is/was there a Paris in Nova Scotia? Was there ever
> a deportation prior to 1755 when the British were trying to move
> into the territory.
> so many questions........ugh!!
> Again, any help is greatly appreciated. You can tell I'm not a
> native. :)
> Karen
> visit my pond at
> www.karenspond.com
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