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Descendants of Johann Henrich Laux

Generation No. 1

1. Johann Henrich1 Laux He married Anna Margretha.

Notes for Johann Henrich Laux:
As the churchbooks of Pastor Hager and others who serviced the
Schorie-Mohawk region are missing, sorting out all the Lauxes in the
area is extremely difficult. Johann Henrich Laux, an early settler in
the Mohawk, obviously was a relative of some kind of Johann Jost and
Johann Dieterich Laux ; however, sp. between Johann Henrich's family and
the others are almost non-existent, illustrating the somewhat separate
identity of Johann Henrich's group. ( Hank Jones )
Johan Hendrick Loucks was nat. 3 Jan. 1715/1716 ( Albany Nats. ).
Heinrich Laux and his wife Anna Margretha with 2 ch. were at
Neu-Heessberg ca. 1716/1717 ( Simmendinger Register ).
The name Henrich survives prominently in the offspring of the
children of Johann Henrich Laux. Taken from "The Palatine Families of
New York 1710" by Hank Jones.....

Children of Johann Laux and Anna Margretha are:
+ 2 i. Wilhelm2 Laux.
3 ii. Maria Barbara Laux. She married Jacob Bratt.

Notes for Maria Barbara Laux:
Maria Barbara and husband sponsored Maria Cunigunda Laux Dygert in
1754 at Stone Arabia Reformed Church.

+ 4 iii. Johann Georg Laux.
5 iv. Margaretha Laux.

Notes for Margaretha Laux:
Margaretha was conf. in 1749 at Stone Arabia Reformed Church

6 v. Gertraud Laux.

Notes for Gertraud Laux:
Gertraud was conf. in 1752 at Stone Arabia Reformed Church.

7 vi. Peter Laux.

Notes for Peter Laux:
Peter was conf. in 1757 at Stone Arabia Reformed Church.

8 vii. Maria Laux.

Notes for Maria Laux:
Maria was conf. in 1757 at Stone Arabia Reformed Church.

+ 9 viii. Johann Henrich Laux, born Bef. 1716.
+ 10 ix. Maria ( Mary ) Cunigunda ( Jane ) Laux, born Bef.
1716; died Aft. Mar 1786.

Generation No. 2

2. Wilhelm2 Laux (Johann Henrich1) He married Maria Margaretha

Notes for Wilhelm Laux:
Wilhelm was conf. in 1742 at Stone Arabia Reformed Church. Willem
Laux was in Soffrines Deychert's Company in 1757 and 1763 ( Report of
the State Historian, Volume II, pp. 783 & 792 ).
William Lucks was a freeholder at Stonrabie in 1763 ( Albany Co.
Freeholders ).
Perhaps he was the Wilhelm Laux who died 20 April 1787 ( Stone Arabia
Reformed Churchbook ).
( Hank Jones )

Children of Wilhelm Laux and Maria Krembs are:
11 i. Catharina3 Laux.

Notes for Catharina Laux:
Catharina was a sponsor in 1762 at Stone Arabia Reformed Church. (
Hank Jones )

12 ii. Christina Laux.

More About Christina Laux:
Baptism: 28 Dec 1751, Stone Arabia Reformed Church Sonsors: Jacob
Schultes and wife. ( Stone Ar. Churchbook )

13 iii. Magdalena Laux.

More About Magdalena Laux:
Baptism: May 1755, Stone Arabia Luth. Ch. Sponsors: Johannes Wallrath
and wife Malli ( Churchbook )

14 iv. Johann Henrich Laux, born 23 Jun 1760.

More About Johann Henrich Laux:
Baptism: Stone Arabia Reformed Church Sponsors: Johannes Schumacher
and wife Catharina ( Churchbook )

4. Johann Georg2 Laux (Johann Henrich1)1 was born 1. He married
Gertraud Dygert1, daughter of Johann Dygert and Anna Fuchs(Fox). She
was born 17261.

Notes for Johann Georg Laux:
Johann George Laux was conf. in 1745 at Stone Arabia Reformed
Church. ( Hank Jones )

Children of Johann Laux and Gertraud Dygert are:
15 i. Johann Peter3 Laux1, born 17521.

More About Johann Peter Laux:
Baptism: 02 Apr 1752, Stone Arabia Reformed Church Sponsors: Johann
Peter Deigert and wife Anna Elisabetha Fuchs ( Churchbook )

16 ii. Johann Jost Laux1, born 17541.

Notes for Johann Jost Laux:
This child's baptism name may provide a clue to the Ancestral line.
( Hank Jones )

More About Johann Jost Laux:
Baptism: 01 Mar 1754, Stone Arabia Reformed Church Sponsors: Deobald
Teuger and Maria Kinget Laux ( Churchbook )

17 iii. Wilhelm Laux, born 08 Jul 1756.

More About Wilhelm Laux:
Baptism: Jul 1756, Stone Arabia Luth. Church Sponsors: Wilm Laucks and
wife Margaretha ( Churchbook )

18 iv. Henrich Laux, born 18 Oct 1761.

More About Henrich Laux:
Baptism: 1761, Stone Arabia Reformed Church Sponsors: Peter Laux, and
Pieter Laux, and Elisabetha - single d/o Adam Laux ( Churchbook )

+ 19 v. Anna Elisabetha G. Laux, born 24 Nov 1763.
20 vi. Georg Laux, born 08 Feb 1766.

More About Georg Laux:
Baptism: Stone Arabia Reformed Church Sponsors: Georg Klock J. and
Cath. Laux ( Churchbook )

21 vii. Suphrenius Laux, born 09 Oct 1770.

More About Suphrenius Laux:
Baptism: Stone Arabia Reformed Church Sponsors: Severines Tyghart J.
and Gertraud ( Churchbook )

9. Johann Henrich2 Laux (Johann Henrich1) was born Bef. 1716. He
married Johanna Elisabetha Kuhn.

Notes for Johann Henrich Laux:
Johann Henrich Laux banns to marry as a single man 23 Feb. 1739
Johanna Elisabetha Kuhn (Schoharie Reformed Churchbook ).

Children of Johann Laux and Johanna Kuhn are:
22 i. Elisabetha Barbara3 Laux.

More About Elisabetha Barbara Laux:
Baptism: 07 Feb 1739/40, Schoharie Refomed Church; Sponsors: Johannes
Finck and Elisa Barbara Coen.

23 ii. Maria Elisabetha Laux. She married Adam Huthmacher 28
Oct 1760.

Notes for Maria Elisabetha Laux:
Maria Elisabetha marriage, as daughter of Henrich, listed in the
Reformed Church of Stone Arabia.

24 iii. Margaretha Laux. She married Johannes Schaffer 04 Dec

Notes for Margaretha Laux:
Margaretha's marriage listed, as daughter of Henrich, in Reformed
Church of Stone Arabia churchbook.

More About Margaretha Laux:
Baptism: 22 May 1743, Albany Reformed Church; Sonsors: Coenraad
Richtmeyer and Elizabeth Rigtmeyer.

25 iv. Johann Peter Laux.

Notes for Johann Peter Laux:
Johann Peter sponsored Adam Hutmacher at Stone Arabia Reformed
Church in 1762 along with Catharina, single daughter of Wilhelm Laux. (
Henry Jones )

More About Johann Peter Laux:
Baptism: 25 Aug 1745, Albany Reformed Church; Sponsors: Hannes and
Anna Barbara Boom.

26 v. Magdalena Laux.

Notes for Magdalena Laux:
Magdalena was a sponsor at Stone Arabia Reformed Church in 1765 with
Peter Laux.

27 vi. Catharina Laux.

More About Catharina Laux:
Baptism: 23 Jan 1753, Sponsors: Peter Schnell and Margaretha Deigert.

28 vii. Anna Laux.

More About Anna Laux:
Baptism: 07 May 1755, Stone Arabia Luth. Church, New York; Sponsors:
Werner Teigert and wife Magdalena.

29 viii. Elisabetha Laux, born 25 Jun 1762.

More About Elisabetha Laux:
Baptism: Stone Arabia Refomed Church, New York; Sponsors: Elisabeth
Ecker and Johannes Flack.

10. Maria ( Mary ) Cunigunda ( Jane )2 Laux (Johann Henrich1)1 was
born Bef. 1716, and died Aft. Mar 1786. She married David(Theobald)
Dygert, Ens.1, son of Johann Dygert and Anna Fuchs(Fox). He was born
1710 in Voyage to America at sea1, and died Aft. Mar 1786.

Notes for Maria ( Mary ) Cunigunda ( Jane ) Laux:
Maria Cunigunda was conf. in 1742 at Stone Arabia reformed Church.
She married Theobald Deigert, and they had a son Henrich bpt. in 1746 at
Schoharie Luth. Church.
( Hank Jones )

Notes for David(Theobald) Dygert, Ens.:
According to record David was born at sea on the Palatine voyage to
America in 1710. ( Early Families of Herkimer County New York : Barker
In 1763 David was a Sgt. in Capt. Goshin Van Alstein's Canajoharie
Militia, along with Severinus, Peter, and Henry Dygert, and in 1767
David was an Ensign in Jost Herkimer's Grannadiers.
He and Kunigunda sponsored the Jan. 1771 baptism of Kunigunda,
daughter of Dietrich Wolleben, and the Mar. 1786 FR baptism of Theobalt,
son of Jacob Seeber.
Both of these men were married to David and Maria's daughter Elizabeth.

THEOBALD TYGERT. During the Revolutionary War he possessed 100 acres of
land in (or one-half of) Lot 48 of the Adoniah Schuyler Patent (Gerrit
Y. Lansing Papers 9:4).

Children of Maria Laux and David(Theobald) Dygert are:
30 i. Jost ( Joseph ) Peter3 Dygert, Capt.1, born 27 May
17441; died 06 Aug 1777 in Oriskany, New York.

Notes for Jost ( Joseph ) Peter Dygert, Capt.:
The following record is furnished by the War Department at
Washington, D.C.:
Joseph Dygert ( Tygart ) was a Captain in Colonel Samuel
Campbell's Regiment, New York Militia, during the Revolutionary War.
Joseph was killed in the Battle of Oriskany on Aug. 6, 1777.
Source: Genealogical and Family History by William Richard Cutter,
A.M., c1912, page 1263.

More About Jost ( Joseph ) Peter Dygert, Capt.:
Baptism: Sponsors: Jacob Wallrath, Barbara Laux1

+ 31 ii. Henry David Dygert, Pvt., born 03 Jul 1746 in Herkimer
County, New York; died Aft. 1790.
32 iii. David Dygert1, born 1751 in New York1; died 06 Aug
1777 in Oriskany, New York1.
+ 33 iv. Elizabeth Dygert, born 1753 in Stone Arabia, New York.
34 v. George Dygert1, born 17571. He married Anna1.

Notes for George Dygert:
George and wife Anna were sponsors for Jan. 1778 German Flats
baptism of Eva, daughter of William Cunningham.

+ 35 vi. Margretha Dygert, born 19 Jul 1762 in Canajoharie,New
York; died 14 Nov 1807 in Frankfort, New York.

Generation No. 3

19. Anna Elisabetha G.3 Laux (Johann Georg2, Johann Henrich1) was
born 24 Nov 1763. She married (1) Shaver. She married (2) Jacob
Valentine Staring 10 Jan 1786 in German Flats, Herkimer County, New
York, son of Valentine Staring and Elisabeth Muller. He was born 18 May

More About Anna Elisabetha G. Laux:
Baptism: Stone Arabia Reformed Church Sponsors: Margretha and Henrich
Wohleben ( Churchbook )

More About Jacob Valentine Staring:
Baptism: 27 May 1764, Stone Arabia Reformed Dutch Church, Montgomery
County, New York Sponsors: Jacob Staring and Catharina, his wife

Children of Anna Laux and Jacob Staring are:
36 i. Gertraud (Charity)4 Staring, born 19 Feb 1787.
37 ii. Elisabeth Staring, born Mar 1792.
38 iii. Magdalena (Lena) Staring, born 1794.
39 iv. Anna (Nancy) Staring, born 19 Jun 1795.
40 v. Catharine Staring, born 15 Apr 1797.
41 vi. Bolly (Polly) Staring, born Bet. 1798 - 1799.
42 vii. Jacob Staring, born Bet. 1800 - 1801.
43 viii. Margaret (Peggy) Staring, born Abt. 1803.
44 ix. Solomon Staring, born 17 Jul 1806.

31. Henry David3 Dygert, Pvt. (Maria ( Mary ) Cunigunda ( Jane )2
Laux, Johann Henrich1)1 was born 03 Jul 1746 in Herkimer County, New
York1, and died Aft. 1790. He married Maria ( Mary ) Cunningham1 25 Oct
1768 in Dutch Reformed Church, Stone Arabia, Town of Palatine, Mont.
Co., New York1, daughter of William Cunningham and Margaret. She was
born 1749.

Notes for Henry David Dygert, Pvt.:

Henry D. was a soldier in The Revolutionary War serving as a
private in the regiment of Col. Samuel Campbell. He is listed among
other soldiers claiming land bounty rights for such service. He and his
brother David Dygert, Junr. are listed as privates in the company of
Captian Conrad Frank as early as May 8, 1767.

More About Henry David Dygert, Pvt.:
Baptism: 1746, Schoharie Luth. Church, Schoharie, Prov. of New York

Children of Henry Dygert and Maria Cunningham are:
45 i. Maria (Mary)4 Dygert1, born 17691. She married Henry (
Ackler ) Eckler1 08 Jul 17881; born 1766.

Notes for Henry ( Ackler ) Eckler:
Fort Plain Church Record :
"Married July 8, 1788 Henrich Eckler, Heinrich Eckler's au der
Kill, altester sohn mit Maria Teichert, Heinrich Teichert's Esqr, Zu
Springfield ehc elteste tochter."
Translation of above :
Henry Eckler, the eldest son of the Henry Eckler who lived on the
creel meaning Ostquago, spelled in some of the early records, Osquack,
married to Maria Dygert, the oldest daughter of Henry Dygert, Judge or
Justice, a resident of Springfield, New York. He being a witness of this

46 ii. Margaret(Peggy) Dygert1, born 28 Nov 1771 in New
York1. She married George ( Vedderly ) Fetterly1 21 Dec 17911; born
Abt. 1771 in Stark, Herkimer Co., New York.
47 iii. Henrich H. Dygert1, born 25 Apr 1772 in Herkimer
County, New York1; died 25 Dec 1851 in Herkimer County, New York1. He
married Elisabeth H. Staring1 08 Nov 17951; born Bet. 1778 - 1779 in
Herkimer County, New York1; died 03 Apr 1843 in Schroeppel, Oswego
County, New York1.
48 iv. Cunigunda (Jane) Dygert1, born Bet. 1772 - 1773 in New
York1. She married Nicholas Henry ( Stahring ) Staring1 22 Sep 1793 in
Ft. Plain Reformed Dutch Church, Ft. Plain, New York1; born Mar 1766 in
New York; died 11 Feb 1813 in Herkimer, Herkimer County, New York.

Notes for Nicholas Henry ( Stahring ) Staring:
The Starin Family In America

Author: William L. Stone
Call Number: R929.2 qS795

The descendants of Nicholas Ster (Starin) who settled in Fort Orange
Albany, New York.

Bibliographic Information: Stone, William L. The Starin Family in
America. Albany, NY: Joel Munsell's Sons, Publishers, 1892.

Nicholas H. Staring, son of Heinrich (18), was twice married; first to
Jane Dygert, and secondly to widow Talcot, formerly Mary Myers. He
served, during the Revolution, as second lieutenant in the 5th Company
(Captain Peter Bellinger's) of the 4th Battalion of the Tryon County
Militia, Colonel Hanyoost Herkimer (a relative of General Nicholas
Herkimer), commanding. After the war he was appointed to a first
lieutenancy in the regiment of which his father was colonel. His
commission is dated the 8th of March, 1791.--Letter from Mrs. Frederick
E. Burch of Schuyler, N. Y., to the author.

By first marriage.
94. ELIZABETH, m. James Carder.
95. MARY, m. Warner Dygert.
96. HENRY N., m. Margaret Bettinger.

By second marriage.
98. RHODA.
99. SARAH.
101. NICHOLAS H., d. s.

49 v. David Dygert, Col.1, born 25 Sep 1775 in Montgomery
County, New York1; died 1868 in Stockbridge, Madison County, New York1.
He married Catharine Staring1 1795; born 1774 in Little Falls, Herkimer,
New York1; died 21 Oct 1864.

Notes for David Dygert, Col.:

During the Revolutionary War David and Catharine were just young
children and both of them lived in forts at Fort Plain, New York. She
lived in one and David another. When Catharine was 7 years old she saw
an Indian kill and scalp a person.
David Dygert moved to Annsville, Oneida County in 1831. He was a
Justice of the peace 12 years and according to the Pension Bureau he was
drafted at Canajoharie, Montgomery County,N.Y. during the War of 1812,
on Sept. 7, 1814, served as a corporal in Capt. Robert Bowman's Co, Col.
Geo.H. Nellis' Regiment of New York Militia and was discharged at
Sacketts Harbor Nov. 8, 1814.
In 1855 he was a resident of Stockbridge, Madison County, N.Y., aged
79 years and was allowed land for the services rendered during the war.

Notes for Catharine Staring:
Federal Census taken on 24 Sept. 1850 in Town of New Hartford, Oneida
County, New York Catharine is listed Head of Household, age 72, Jane,
Daughter, age 40,
Catharine, Daughter, age 30, Betsy, Daughter, age 29, Sally, Daughter,
age 28, Ann, Daughter, age 27, Amanda, Daughter, age 25, Mary hall, age
20, Sarah Trumble, age 30, and Susan Trumble, age 25.

50 vi. William Dygert1, born 1776 in New York1. He married
Catherine Miller1; born Bet. 1779 - 1780 in New York1.

Notes for Catherine Miller:
Mrs. Dyoniscius Miller was made a prisoner in the Freysbush
settlement, but the circumstances attending her capture are not now
remembered. She was probably taken at her own home, as she had with her
a nursing child. She was placed on a horse,which was led by an Indian to
Canada. Although the enemy came down in large bodies, they usually
returned in small parties; and prisoners taken near together, often
journeyed with different captors, some of them not meeting again until
their return. As the party having Mrs. Miller grew straitened for food,
she had but little nourishment for her infant child, and as it cried
from weariness and hunger, an Indian more than once came back hatchet in
hand to kill it, but pressing it to her breast, she would not afford him
the desired opportunity. Indians never fancy the song of a crying child.
To save her darling, Mrs. Miller kept almost constantly nursing, or in a
fruitless attempt to nurse, until her breasts became very sore and
blistered from the heat;
but she saved the child to bring it safely back again. It grew up and
married William Dygert, who, years after, died in a prayer meeting.( "
Frontiersmen of New York " by Jeptha R. Simms)

33. Elizabeth3 Dygert (Maria ( Mary ) Cunigunda ( Jane )2 Laux,
Johann Henrich1)1 was born 1753 in Stone Arabia, New York1. She married
(1) Johann Dieterich Wohleben1 08 Mar 1770 in Stone Arabia, Montgomery
County, New York1. He died 06 Aug 1777 in Oriskany, New York1. She
married (2) Jacob Seeber1 Bet. 1778 - 17791, son of Martin Seeber and
Anna Marie. He was born Abt. 1749 in Caughnawaga, Tryon County, New
York, and died Abt. 1808 in Madison County, New York.

Children of Elizabeth Dygert and Johann Wohleben are:
51 i. Kunigunda (Jane)4 Wohleben1, born 17711.

More About Kunigunda (Jane) Wohleben:
Baptism: 1771, Sponsors: Grandparents, Theobald and Kunigunda Dygert.

52 ii. Anna Wohleben1, born 17741.

Children of Elizabeth Dygert and Jacob Seeber are:
53 i. Wilhelm4 Seeber1, born 22 Jan 1780 in
Caughnawaga,Montgomery County, New York1; died 20 Nov 18661.
54 ii. Sylvanus Seeber1, born 25 Oct 1781 in
Caughnawaga,Montgomery County, New York1; died 20 Feb 18561.
55 iii. Lena Seeber1, born 26 Aug 1783 in
Caughnawaga,Montgomery County, New York1.
56 iv. Theobald Seeber1, born Feb 1786 in
Caughnawaga,Montgomery County, New York1. He married Mary1.

More About Theobald Seeber:
Baptism: 1786, Sponsors: Grandparents, Theobald and Kunigunda Dygert.

35. Margretha3 Dygert (Maria ( Mary ) Cunigunda ( Jane )2 Laux,
Johann Henrich1)1 was born 19 Jul 1762 in Canajoharie,New York1, and
died 14 Nov 1807 in Frankfort, New York1. She married David (Theobald
Dieterich) Dedrick1 17811. He was born 1754 in New York1, and died 22
Mar 1831 in Frankfort , New York1.

More About Margretha Dygert:
Baptism: Sponsors: Margaret, wife of William Fink1

Notes for David (Theobald Dieterich) Dedrick:

Theobald(David) served in the Revolutionary War as a private in
Capt. Francis Utt's Co., Col. Samuel Campbell's Batt. of Tryon Co., N.Y.
Militia. He was with the Company of natives and Indians who pursued
Walter Butler, the Notorious Tory and killed Butler at Canada Creek, New
Theobald and his wife Margretha Dygert lived " Zud Neu
Deutschland " meaning
south of that part of the town of Schuyler, N.Y. known as New Germania
which would make them
residents of West Frankfort, N.Y..
Dedrick - Dygert ...Herkimer Co NY Posted by: Marlene Bates Johnson

David (Dewald Dieterich)DEDRICK b.abt 1754 married in 1781/82 to
Margaret Mary DYGERT b.1762, d/o David DYGERT & Maria LOUCKS.

David DEDRICK served in the Revolutionary War

David & Margaret Mary DEDRICK had the following children, all born
Herkimer Co NY:

Catherine, b.11 Sept 2783 m. Lemuel SOLES
David Jr, b.7 Aug 1785
Jacob, b.22 Jan 1787
Henry, b.11 Sep 1788 m. Elizabeth ITTIG
Johannes, b.1 Aug 1790 m. Elizabeth STARING **Johannes (John) served War
of 1812
Daniel, b.24 May 1792 m.Magdalene Adeline MYERS **Daniel served WAR of 1812
Nicholas, b.5 Aug 1794 m. Nancy GARDINEER
Jane, b.May 1796 m. David (Zach) HESS
Peter, b.1800 m.Winifred POWELL & Anne ANDREWS
Margaret, b.Apr 1802 m.Schuyler KINGSLEY
Mary, b.1805 m. Benjamin TISDALE

Children of Margretha Dygert and David Dedrick are:
57 i. Catharina (Dieterich)4 Dedrick1, born 11 Sep 17831. She
married Conrad ( Edick ) Ittig; born Abt. 1766 in Frankfort , New York;
died Sep 1846.

More About Catharina (Dieterich) Dedrick:
Baptism: Sponsors; Armstrong and wife Catharina

58 ii. David (Theobald Dieterich) Dedrick,Jr.1, born 07 Aug 17851.

More About David (Theobald Dieterich) Dedrick,Jr.:
Baptism: Sponsors; Peter J. Staring and wife Maria, sister of Margaretha
Dygert,wife of Theobald Dieterich.

59 iii. Jacob (Dieterich) Dedrick1, born 22 Jan 17871.

More About Jacob (Dieterich) Dedrick:
Baptism: Sponsors; Wilhelm Kleppsatel and -----

60 iv. Henrich (Dieterich) Dedrick1, born 11 Sep 17881. He
married Elizabeth Ittig.

More About Henrich (Dieterich) Dedrick:
Baptism: Sponsors; Henrich Joseph Staring and wife Elizabeth

61 v. Johannes (Dieterich) Dedrick1, born 01 Aug 17901. He
married Elizabeth Staring.

Notes for Johannes (Dieterich) Dedrick:
Johannes was a Veteran of the War of 1812.

More About Johannes (Dieterich) Dedrick:
Baptism: Sponsors; Johannes Cunningham and Maria Cunningham

62 vi. Daniel (Dieterich) Dedrick1, born 24 May 17921. He
married Magdalena Adeline Myers 01 Jan 1816.

Notes for Daniel (Dieterich) Dedrick:
Daniel was a Veteran of the War of 1812.

More About Daniel (Dieterich) Dedrick:
Baptism: Sponsors; Henrich Dygert, Esq. and wife, Maria Cunningham

63 vii. Johann Nicholas (Dieterich) Dedrick1, born 05 Aug 1794
in German Flats, Herkimer Co., New York1. He married Nancy Gardineer
Abt. 1822.

Notes for Johann Nicholas (Dieterich) Dedrick:

Dedrick - Dygert ...Herkimer Co NY
Posted by: LK McGinnis

(Johann) Nicholas Dedrick, son of Dewald (David) and Margaretha
(Deygert) Dedrick, bp 5 Aug 1794 at German Flats, Herkimer Co, NY.
Married c1822 Nancy Gardinier. They removed from Herkimer Co, NY to
Cattaraugus Co, NY c1844 then continued migrating west to Green Co, WI

Children of Nicholas and Nancy (Gardinier) Dedrick:
1. James H. Dedrick, b. c1823. Removed to Green Co, WI by 1850. In 1884
resided in Taylor Co, WI.
2. David Dedrick, bp 26 Jan 1825 German Flats, Herkimer Co, NY. No
further information on this son. I have not found him in Wisconsin.
3. George Dedrick, b. c1826; arrived in Green Co, WI 1842 and died there
4. Nancy M. Dedrick, b. 1828; m. Hiram A. Frank in Catt. Co, NY c1848;
removed to Green Co, WI before 1850.
5. Nicholas Dedrick Jr, b. c1830; m. the widow of his brother George
6. John Dedrick, b. c1833. Resided in Lima, WI in 1860 and in Butler Co,
NE by 1884.
7. Daniel Dedrick, b. 22 Feb 1836; m1. 3 Mar 1847 Melissa A. Ward; m2.
Sarah Gordan; served in the Civil War in Co. G, 25th WI Vol.; Resided in
Green Co, WI 1884.
8. Peter L. Dedrick, b. c1839; m. 30 Sep 1869 Sarah L. Eldred.

More About Johann Nicholas (Dieterich) Dedrick:
Baptism: Sponsors; Joh. Nicol. Henr. Staring und dessen Ehle Hanssfrau (
legal wife)

64 viii. Cunnigunda (Jane Dieterich) Dedrick1, born 10 May 17961.

More About Cunnigunda (Jane Dieterich) Dedrick:
Baptism: Sponsors; Hannikel Staring and wife Cunnigunda Dygert
Baptism location: 24 Jul 1796, New Deutschland ( Schuyler ) by a
minister from Berne, Albany County, N.Y.

65 ix. Peter (Dieterich) Dedrick1, born 18001.
66 x. Margaret Kinsley (Dieterich) Dedrick1, born Apr 18021.
67 xi. Mary (Dieterich) Dedrick1, born 18051. She married
Benjamin Tisdale.


1. CLINT DYGERT COMPENDIUM.FTW, Date of Import: Jan 12, 2001.

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