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Subject: [NY-TROY-IRISH-GENSOC] Dolan, Powers, Jones, Herman, Granato, Cowen,Lyttle, Banquet, Knapp, Kasparian,
Date: Sat, 11 Aug 2007 12:40:36 EDT

>From the Troy Record Sunday July 8, 2007 paper from Monday July 8, 1907 :
“Former Troy policeman John Dolan is accused of stealing a watch from
farmhand James Powers,from Melrose. Justice Abbot H. Jones adjourns the hearing
pending other testimony.”

Photo of the day from Troy Record Saturday July 14th , 2007 1954 photo
Charles Herman

Photo of the day from Troy Record Friday July 13th , 2007 1928 photo
of Watervliet brothers John and Frank Granato

Thursday July 12th 2007 Troy Record Article from Friday July 12th, 1907:
“A foreman at the Delaware & Hudson is found dead at 512 Jacob St-he is John
H. Cowen Jr of Mechanicville.It assumes he fell to his death while trying to
visit Mrs. Margaret Lyttle.”
Photo of the day from Troy Record Thursday July 12rd 2007 1953
photo of Watervliet Hign Thalian Banquet; Norma Knapp;Rita Kasparian, Nancy
Knipple;Phyllis Mullsney;Gloria Granato;Natalie Paparian,Dorothy Belski,Barbara
Pincher, Marge Schultz, Betty Zukowski

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