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Subject: [NYALBANY-L] COEYMANS & Groesbeck Family
Date: Sat, 27 Feb 1999 07:55:20 EST

Dear Listholders
I have a copy of Coeymans and the Past by Edward D. Giddings, 1973;
Published by the Tri-Contential Committee of Coeymans; Printed by Hamilton
Printing Co., Rensselaer, NY
some excerpts: [pg 9] "On April 8, 1630, Killian VanRensselaer, through
his agents, purchased land in the Coeymans area from the Indians.
..........The land to the west of Albany was under the domination of the
Iroquois or the League of Five Nations, which spread across the state from
Schenectady to the Genesee River area, about 150 miles. ............Indian
Deed - Sachamoes and Others to Jan Clute and Others, April 20, 1665 granted
practically all of Bronck Patent at Coxsackie and part of Coeymans Patent up
to the Patroonship line.
Letters Patent. Gov Francis Lovelances, Esq. to Barent Peirtersen
(Coeymans), April 7, 1673. (orig Coeymans patent).
Petition - Barent Pieterse Coeymans to Gov. Edward Viscount
Cornbury, March 23, 1703, asks for royal and well as gubernatorial
confirmation of grant.
Petition - Barent Pieterse Coeymans to Edward Viscount Cornbury,
May 10, 1704, much the same as above.
Indian Deed - Masghakimnenaw and Others to Barent Piertse Coeymans,
Aug 22, 1704. Repeats the original Indian grant of 1665 to Coeymans
Petition - Killian VanRensselaer to Edward Viscount Cornbury,
November 6, 1704. The Patroons side of the case
Petition - Andries Coeymans (Barent was dead and Andries was the
oldest son) to
Gov Robert Hunter, Esq., Aug 3, 1714. Urge royal confirmation of the Patent.
Patent - Queen Ann to Andries Coeymans , August 26, 1714. The
long-awaited royal confirmation."
The Index includes
The Indians, Arrival of the White Man, Barent Pieterse Coeymans, The
Coeymans Patent, Disposition of the Coeymans Property, The Coeymans Family,
Coeymans Family Homes, Other Early Coemans Area Settlements, Barren Island,
Churches, Church Customs of the Early Dutch, Family Bibles, Names from the
Past; Some from the Present; During the 1800's, The Division of Albany County,
New Baltimore, Settlements In the Town of Coeymans, Toll Roads and Turnpikes,
The Hudson River, The Riverfront. It Also includes an 1865 Map of Town of
Coeymans, Dutch Names & Dutch Names for Places & Objects.

GROESBECK - Some of you have inquired about the Groesbeck Family. I have a
copy of B. Havens book on the 'GROESBECKS' and would be willing to do
lookups. I have verified my line only & I understand some of his research has
errors. However, it is a wonderful guide to putting together this family. It
is also available at the Bethlehem Library, Delmar, NY. If you have specific
questions please e-mail me directly () as I dont always have
time to review the list digests I receive. Much of my ancestry & that of my
husband have their roots in Bethlehem & Coeymans. I am currently focusing on
the family of Van Salsbergens/Salisbury (out of Columbia Co) & Abrams from
Greene Co - any info on these families appreciated.

Barbara from Bethlehem

French's Gazetteer 1760 = Coeymans was formed from Watervliet March 19, 1791.
Part of Westerlo taken off in 1815. Villages & Hamlets - Coeymans Landing,
Coeymans Hollow, Stephensville, Indian Fields (now under the Alcove
Reservoir), Keefers Corners..

These are wonderful resources & I recommend their purchase if you are
researching NY Albany County.

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