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Subject: [NYALLEGA] Friendship Gossip - Friendship Chronicle, Aug 4, 1880
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Friendship Chronicle, Vol. 1, No. 26, Aug. 4, 1880.

Gossip. Social and Personal Notes.

Messrs. I. and L. WILLETTS of Belmont, were in town yesterday.

Mrs. J. L. BROWN of Wilcox, Pa. is visiting her daughter Mrs. E. G. LATTA.

"Put," our Cuba correspondent, shed his gladsome gig-lamp's around our
sanctum yesterday.

Rev. and Mrs. RICHARDS of Madison, Wis., have been visiting Mr. and Mrs. A.
W. MINER and Col. and Mrs. A. J. WELLMAN.
Mr. E. HOSKINS with his wife and daughter Lottie from Denver, Col., have
been visiting the family of W. H. SCOTT, M. D.

Miss Ella DUKE, of Scio, and Mr. Eugene BARBER, of Hornellsville, have been
paying Friendship a visit the guests of Miss Minnie BARKER.

Mr. George CORWIN, who formerly resided here, but who is now located at
Patterson, N.J. is making a visit among friends in this village.

With the aid of Rev. H. M. BARKER, Miss Frances SUTTON, of Dansville, and
Wilbur N. CORWIN entered into a nuptial partnership on July 29.

Mrs. J. W. BAXTER, mother John L. and James BAXTER, is lying in a very
dangerous condition and but little hope is entertained of her recovery.

Mr. James E. WISNER made a business trip through Ohio last week. He is a
"tiger" to "rake" in all commercial chances. He traveled 2,000 miles in four

The next social of the Baptist Society will be held at the residence of Mrs.
J. R. LATTA on Thursday afternoon of next week, when a large attendance of
all denominations is sincerely invited.

Mr. and Mrs. A. B. BRADLY with Miss Belle Bradley returned this morning
from a carriage trip through Livingston and Wyoming counties. they report
having much enjoyed the voyage "on wheels."

The contract for the new residence of Mrs. E. L. COLE has not yet been given
out. During the building Mrs. COLE has decided to rent the BABCOCK house in
Pleasantville where she will remove from the farm in a few days.

A sly twinkle in the eyes of our esteemed townsman "Emmett" LATTA was
observed on Saturday last. A young harness maker and patent inventor arrived
in his family the day before. We trust he and his will live long to enjoy
the sun and air.

Mr. J. W. HENDRICKS, son of Prof. HENDRICKS, formerly of the Genesee Valley
Seminary, at Belfast, favored us with a very agreeable call on Friday last.
Prof. HENDRICKS now presides over the Baptist congregation at Canisteo.
His son is just making a wedding trip.

On Sunday last "Buelah' the baby daughter, seven months old, of Mr. and Mrs.
Charles HOBART died at their residence in Hornellsville. The remains were
brought here on train 3 Monday and interred in the old Cemetery, the funeral
services being conducted in the Universalist Church.

On Tuesday evening next there will be a social gathering in the new Baptist
Church to which members of all denominations are cordially invited. The
exercises will include recitations and ice-cream, musical and necktie
selections, conversation, peaches, and other delicacies of the season. We
venture to predict a large and very enjoyable assemblage.

Quite a number form this town and vicinity have gone to Chautauqua. Mr. and
Mrs. Ira BRIGGS went last week. Mrs. P. A. CROSS and daughter are there. Dr.
CUTLER, Dr. RAUB, A. J. WILLIAMS with their families from Bolivar went on
train 3 yesterday as also did Mr. and Mrs. F. STEVENS, Mrs. H. M. BARKER and
Morten BARKER, Mrs. W. A. HART and Miss Grace HART of this village.

On Thursday last the genial editor of the Norther Tier Reporter was visiting
in town her, when her received a dispatch from Port Allegany stating that
Mrs. HUGHES was quite sick. When his father-in-law, Mr. Johnson HIGGINS, he
drove to Port Allegany, arriving there at 2 a.m. Friday. Mrs. HUGHS was in
quite a critical condition, but she has much improved since and is now we
trust in a fair way towards a speedy recovery.

It is with much pleasure we chronicle the pleasant wedding of a young couple
of very pleasant people and in doing so wish them a pleasant and prosperous
journey through life. The marriage ceremony between Miss Julia ROBERTS and
James McGINNIS was performed this afternoon by Rev. M. ALLEY at his
residence. Mr. and Mrs. McGINNIS drove to Belmont to take train 12 for
Camden N.Y. Their many friends desire that they shall meet with the
matrimonial felicity they deserve.

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