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Subject: Re: [NYBROOKLYN-L] Federal Census Glitches
Date: Fri, 16 Apr 1999 15:45:26 EDT

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<< Hi All,
I have only been doing genealogy for about a year and the more involved I
become the more I realize what a big undertaking this is!!!Not long ago
another list member mentioned the fact that death certificate info can not
always be taken for fact,she mentioned how several siblings in one family
different maiden names for their mother on their death certificates.I
recently discovered the same is true with census records.
I found a website about the Federal census that explains why a lot of info
is either missing or wrong.I found my g.grandfather,Henry J.
Carter,druggist,listed in the 1870 Brooklyn directory but he was not on the
1870 census index.
According to the info I found on this site,these could be part of the

1.Many census takers were poorly trained.
2.Families were sometimes left off if not at home or lived in multi family
3.If the adults in the family were not at home,answers were often given by
children or enumerator guessed himself.

I guess we all need to realize that not all the info we find is completely
accurate and the best thing to do is always verify what you have by using
other sources. Just thought I'd let everyone know what I discovered in case
anyone else had the same problem as me.
Virginia >>

Virginia: Sounds like a good site. Do you have the URL address?


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