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From: Joe Bissett <>
Subject: Re: [Bklyn] Factory @ 61 Gold St.
Date: Sun, 22 Oct 2000 18:18:29 -0500

Hi Jim and Lauren,

Sorry to butt in, but I have been plotting distances between many of my
Brooklyn addresses using MapQuest whenever the streets in question still
exist. It's always worth a quick try, as it just takes a moment.


Just click on ' Get Driving Directions ' and you get a small map with the
Start and End points shown. Here are the results for the search in question.

Directions Distance
Start Depart 61 Gold St, Brooklyn, NY, 11201 on Water St
(West) 0.4 0.01
1 Turn LEFT (South) onto Washington
St 0.1 < 1min
End Arrive 190 Washington St, Brooklyn, NY, 11201 <
0.1 < 1min
Total Route 0.5
mi 2 mins

Hope this helps, Joe

At 0540 PM 10/22/00 -0400, Jim Garrity wrote
> Would anyone know what factory operated at 61 Gold Street in 1920. My
> great-grandfather, Peter Brennan, died of a heart attack there while
> working as a watchman. How far would that have been from his home, 190
> Washington Street? Thanks for your help!
I do not know the answer to this question, Lauren, but I do know that
there were "Reverse-Directories" printed for various time periods,
mostly for businesses but sometimes also for private individuals.......

Now, for 1920, the regular City Directories for Brooklyn either were
never published, or have not survived through time...(I suspect the
former) but the NYPL has a special set of City Directories on microfiche
which *might* have what you need..........I'm just not sure.....

There are also Reverse Directories for telephone numbers, listed by
address....I don't know if they had these as far back as 1920, but it
would be worth a try, if you could get to the Library....

Ooops! I see you are in Nebraska---I guess a trip to the NY Public
Library on 42nd Street in Manhattan isn't a quick solution for you......

Perhaps a University Library near you might be able to help?

Good Luck,

Jim Garrity

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