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Subject: [Bklyn] Brooklyn Daily Standard Union 4 February 1905 (News)
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Brooklyn Daily Standard Union
4 February 1905


An overturned stove set fire to the woodwork of a coal barge lying in Gowanus Canal at the foot of Third street at 4:50 this morning. The barge is owned by the Delaware, Lackawanna & Western Coal Company. The blaze did about $100 damage.

An agreement has been reached, it was authoritatively announced to-day in Republican circles, over the appointment of an Assembly clerk from the Twelfth District. Assemblyman THONET wanted Jas. OSBORN named and Executive Member William M. CALDER recommended George GUNTHER, a brother of Alderman John D. GUNTHER. A compromise has been reached and both OSBORN and GUNTHER, it was stated to-day, will be appointed to clerkships on Monday.

A meeting of the Kings County Civil Employes' Association was held yesterday afternoon at which resolutions were adopted scoring the County Republican Organization for its stand in the recent trouble that has arisen between the association and the organization. It was said to-day that the resolution was first presented with the name of Chairman Jacob BRENNER but that this was removed and the Republican organization substituted.

Mrs. Dan OSTRANDER, of 141 Monroe street, yesterday reported to the Gates avenue police that she was the victim of a hall room lodger, a chipper young man of 23, who hired a room of her boarding house last Monday. He disappeared on Thursday, and so did a dress suitcase which contained an evening suit and a sack suit, both valued at $75, and the property of her husband.

Supreme Court Justice MAREAN this morning ordered the discharge of Valentine GRILL from the Penitentiary after hearing testimony in habeas corpus and certiorari proceedings. GRILL was charged with abandoning his wife and sent to the Penitentiary with an opportunity to give a bond of $150 for the support of his wife for one year.

Harry STELJES, 18 years old, of 9 Ocean place; George CORCORAN, 17 years old, of 215 McDougal street, and Frank KAISER, 17 years old, of 2156 Fulton street, were held in $300 each in the Gates avenue court to-day on a charge of stealing $2 from a quarter gas meter in the home of James PRESCO, 264 Elton street, yesterday.

Max FEIN, one of the partners in the alleged illicit distillery, was discharged in the United States Circuit Court. His partner, Hyman LEVINE, is held in $500 bail for the Grand Jury.

Mamie O'BRIEN, 25 years old, of 593 President street, says that on the night of Jan. 31, Maggie CARMODY, 27 years old, of 108 Wykoff street, seized her muff and stole, valued at $12. Maggie, in the Butler street court to-day, was held.

Overcome by the intense cold, Peter ADAMS, a painter of North Moore street, Manhattan, who was at work on the steamship La Polamo, in dry dock at Erie Basin, fell off his ladder yesterday afternoon, falling to the deck. He was sent to the Long Island College Hospital.

Carole Dilley

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