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Subject: [Bklyn] BSU - July 7, 1928 - Deaths In the News
Date: Sun, 6 Oct 2002 23:29:44 EDT

Brooklyn Standard Union - July 7, 1928 - Deaths

LOONAN Checks Up On Youth's Charge of Police Shooting-

Inspector Joseph LOONAN, in charge of the Eleventh Division today began
an official investigation into the charges made by Antonio DE VIVO, 17 years
old, of 47 Lafayette street, that Patrolman Frederick SCHWERDTFEGER, of
Classon avenue station, had fired the shots on July 4, which resulted in the
death of Mrs. Jennie RICCI, 50, of 224 Tillary street.
Detective William KENNA, of Poplar street station, also was at work on
the case in trying to determine who shot Mrs. RICCI, who was sitting in front
of her home on the night of July 4 and who died in Brooklyn Hospital
yesterday. The patrolman is reported to have been exhonerated by Assistant
District Attorney Michael KERN.
DE VIVO was arrested, Wednesday night in a garage at 68 Prince street
after a chase of several blocks by the patrolman. The chase led past the
place where Mrs. RICCI was sitting. Yesterday afternoon Supreme Court
Justice Byrne released the youth in $3500 bail on a charge of felonious
assault. No pistol was found on him at the time of the arrest and he denied
he ever possessed such a weapon.
But the patrolman said he saw DE VIVO, at Navy and Tillary streets, and
that DE VIVO was shooting a pistol, evidently in celebration of Independence
The policeman says he chased DE VIVO, and that the youth fired three
shots, apparently into the air, somewhere near the RICCI home, which is
between Navy street and Hudson avenue. SCHWERDTFEGER, who does not charge
that the youth shot at him while being chased, admitted he himself fired two
shots after the youth at about the same place, and three more shots at
Tillary street and Hudson avenue which would be beyond the RICCI home.
The shooting, the policeman admitted, took place about 6:30 p.m. which
was about the time Mrs. RICCI was shot.
Another person was wounded by a stray bullet near the same spot the same
night, but this occurred about an hour later, according to the police, and
had nothing to do with the SCHWERDTFEGER-DE VIVO chase. This victim was
Louis PIERNO, 19, of 102 North Oxford street, who was taken to Cumberland
Hospital with a bullet in the leg.

Brooklyn Standard Union - July 7, 1928 - Deaths

Barber Drops Dead As He Shaves Man

Leo DONDIEGO, 64, a barber, of 2202 Surf avenue, Coney Island, who had
kept a barber shop at the Island for twenty five years, was shaving a
customer last night when he collapsed.
Dr. LANDSMAN, of Coney Island Hospital, pronounced him dead from heart

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