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Subject: [Bklyn] Brooklyn Standard Union, June 13,1931 Death News
Date: Sun, 6 Jul 2003 19:40:12 EDT

B.S.U. Saturday, June 13,1931
Death News


At the request of the medical examiner's office, detectives of
the Herbert street station are making an investigation into the
death of Rocco PACE, 30, of 71 Will street,Astoria. The investigation
was begun by Detective Robert BARON, of the Greenpoint station, and
yesterday turned over to Detective Sylvester CLAUER of the Herbert
street station.
PACE, employed by the McGovern Construction Company of Long
Island City, was working on Snaft 13A of the Catskill Water System
and met with an accident which resulted in his death.There are stories
to the effect that before he died he gasped ''He said he would kill me.''
According to the report so far,PACE had thrown a switch in the
tunnel,600 feet below the street, at Mecker avenue and Humboldt
street, at 9:30 o'clock on the night of May 28 for an electrical
engine pulling four cars, said to be operated by Pasquale CONTI,
of 4246 Seventy-eighth street,Queens, when he slipped and fell
and the engine wheels passed over his left side.He was rushed
to St.Catharine's Hospital where he died.


The determination of William HARTELL, steamfitter, of 193
Menahan street, to commit suicide, of which police learned
Tuesday in a note he left on Pier 39, East River, near where
he was employed, was found fulfilled to-day.
A dockworker found HARTELL'S body in the water beside
the pier at the foot of Coffey street. He had tied a heavy wrench
about his waist before leaping in. It was still attached. His son,
William HARTELL, Jr., identified the body at Kings County Morgue.


The body of Starr FAITHFULL was cremated at Fresh Pond
Crematory in Middle Villiage,Queens, at 4 o'clock this afternoon,
on receipt of a written order from District Attorney EDWARDS.
No one was permitted to witness the cremation. It was said
the ashes would be turned over to William MACKEN, under-
taker, of Rockville Centre, who would give them to the FAITHFULL
The fantastic story of Starr FAITHFULL, 25-year-old Greenwich
Villiage girl whose days on earth were as mysterious and weird
as the circumstances of her death, was slowly pieced together
for the benefit of a Nassau County Grand Jury at Mineola today.
While witness detailed their stories to the jurors, a new angle
to the case came to light when a taxicab driver, who said he took
Miss FAITHFULL from the heart of Manhattan to Flushing last
Thursday afternoon, was questioned by assistants of District
Attorney Elvin N.EDWARDS.
The girl was intoxicated when she entered the cab, the
chauffeur said, and she bought two bottles of whisky during
the journey.She drank some of this liquor and gave him some,
he said. She wanted to go to a certain house in Flushing, he
said, but couldn't find it, so he let her out at a drug store.The
store was at Thirty-third avenue and 163rd street.
District Attorney EDWARDS proceeded with his Grand Jury
session with some fifteen witnesses and with the silk-bound
diary which STARR kept over a period of three or four years.
It was indicated that indictments will be returned against
two unidentified men, to be called ''John Doe'' and ''Richard Roe.''
The District Attorney proceeded on the theory he has held since
he started the investigation that two men murdered STARR be-
cause they feared her.These men, he believed,killed the attractive
girl because she knew something that threatened their security.
Among the witnesses who testified brfore the jurors were
Frank W.WYMAN,of Boston, father of the dead girl;Mr and Mrs.
Stanley E.FAITHFULL, her stepfather and mother, and Elizabeth
Tucker FAITHFULL,19 year old sister.
The taxicab driver,Si BOCKMAN of the Bronx, and Traffic
Patrolman BELLOCHI, who helped the girl into the cab in front
of the Chanin Building on Forty-second street last Thursday, were
also to testify.
BELLOCHI and employes of the Channin Building told authorities
that the girl,smartly dressed but obviously under the influence of
liquor, entered the lobby of the building in company with an
older woman- a woman known as a ''character'' to them. The
woman asked someone take care of the girl and said she was sick.
Employes of the building called Patrolman BELLOCHI, who
suggested calling an ambulance.The girl objected vociferously
to this and then BELLOCHI put her in the cab. BELLOCHI and
building employes have identified STARR'S body as that of
the girl they saw. They said, however, that she wore different clothes
Thursday than she had on **missing a few last lines here**
director of the Cunard lines, was one of the grand jury witnesses.
He told reporters that he had known STARR ''only in a business way''
in spite of the fact that the girl used his name as an excuse when
she was away from home late at night.
Entries from STARR's diary, tending to show that she was
extremely fickle in her love affairs and had considered sucide
on occasions, were ready for the jurors.
Dr.Otto SCHULZ, who performed the autopsy on Miss FAITHFULL'S
body, was the first witness and repeated his story in substance
to reporters. He said that his examination of the body led him
to believe that STARR had been drowned in shallow water, and that
she had been roughly handled.It is his assumption that two men
held her head under water until she was dead. Sand was found in
the windpipe and in the trachea, he said. She had been dead about
forty-eight hours when the body was found on the beach, and there
was no trace of alchol or drugs in her system.

Arrest Order Comes Too Late; Check Forger Found Suicide

While the excitement was at its height yesterday, after Anthony
GUZAS, 40, of 103-19 117th street, had fired three bullets into
his heart in his coat factory at 87 Varet street, a young man pushed
his way through the crowd and went to the top floor of the four-story
''Where is Anthony GUZAS?'' he asked of one of the detectives.
He was asked why he was so anxious to see him.
''I am connected with a bank and I came to place him under arrest,''
he stated.
''Well, there's your man,'' said one of the detectives, pointing to
GUZAS body which lay partly beneath a pressing table.
''Too bad,'' said the bank representative,and hurried away.
It was later said that GUZAS had forged the name of Frank URBAN,
his partner, to four checks and cashed them at a Williamsburg bank.

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