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From: Margaret Ransom <>
Subject: Brooklyn Standard Union,June 20,1929-Accident/Death
Date: Sun, 30 May 2004 21:50:35 -0400

Brooklyn Standard Union
June 20, 1929

Accident News


Charged With Homicide in Death of Guard; Injure Thirty-four

Following the collision on the elevated railway at Eighth avenue and 112th
street, in which a train guard was killed and thirty-four passengers injured,
James McGLYNN, 43, motorman of one of the trains, was arrested on a charge of
homicide today.
The crash occurred at the highest point on the Manhattan elevated
structures. Ninety feet above the street, a northbound Sixth avenue train
rammed into the rear of a Ninth avenue train, ploughing through the last car
of the latter train and causing the two cars ahead to buckle.
Edward BRENNAN, a guard on the Ninth avenue train, was wedged in the
wreckage and acetylene torches had to be used to free him. He died soon
Another death was caused indirectly by the accident. Assistant Fire Marshal
William A. EMMERSON suffered a heart attack while investigating the collision
and died two hours afterward.
Passengers were terrified by the buckling cars, and fire which broke out on
the floors of both trains added to the confusion. Ladders were thrown up to
the elevated track by fire companies and passengers were helped to the street.

At various hospitals it was said that most of the thirty-four persons were
only slightly hurt.

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by Margaret Ransom

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