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Why are you not able to communicate with this living person? Is she unable to speak? Is she mentally incompetent? Does she not want to share the info?
I would be very interested in learning if FHC is willing to send you a copy of a birth cert. of a living person without their consent and without proof of any relation.
What if you do get the cert. and she is not related to you?
What if someone thinks they're related to me and just buys my birth cert. merely by stating they want to know if we're related?
Who is protecting my privacy?
- Kathy Tate Anderson
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Thanks so very much to everyone who offered me help regarding this issue. I
decided to request the birth certificate from the FHC after I found the
certificate number in their index. I'll find out if FHC has any restrictions in
giving these newer certificates to others. I just had a problem getting a
1970 death certificate from NYC because I only had the person's name, date and
place of death, cemetery and wife's name. They said I didn't have enough
information. I resent it with a cover letter stating that the information I
provided should be enough identifying information. I'll see what happens with
that. Thanks again for being so responsive.

Marcia in Baltimore

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> Subject: [Bklyn] Birth Certificates
> Is it possible to obtain a birth certificate for someone born in 1924 in
> Brooklyn that is other than yourself? I need to establish parentage
> for an 80
> year old with whom it is not possible to communicate. This information
> would
> help me to knock down a brick wall.
> Thanks in advance.
> Marcia in Baltimore

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