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Subject: Re: [Bklyn] Re: NYBROOKLYN-D Digest V05 #46 Washington Cemetery
Date: Mon, 31 Jan 2005 17:53:19 EST


In response to three requests, over 22 years, the orphange that had my family
INSISTED they had made a search, and the children were "never here." My
thrid contact was through a co-worker, ex nun friend of the archivist.

After I provided them the 1910 census, they gave me minimal
information with erroneous birth dates for the children. No parents names or
reason for placement so far away.

After this, I put in another request, to another party and was told "they
were never here."

You like?


> I called Washington Cemetery to determine the responsible party for my
> Great
> Grandfather's grave. I was able to give the name and the date of burials.
> They "don't give out information and have no records." Has anyone else had
> a
> more pleasant experience?
> Marcia

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