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From: "Elizabeth V Cardinal" <>
Subject: RE: [Bklyn] Calvary Cemetery fees solutions
Date: Fri, 5 Aug 2005 10:43:20 -0400
In-Reply-To: <42F3795C.44DA08C4@earthlink.net>

<<What I was trying to say was that what if the cemetery wouldn't even
*allow you* to purchase an interment list if you couldn't produce the deed
to the plot? What would be our recourse then? They aren't nearly as
restrictive as they could be, if that's the way they wanted to be.>>

Right on, once again Jim <grin>

It is like most things in life....they have what the consumer wants and so
can charge whatever the market will allow. The only difference is we can't
shop around for a better "deal"....it is take it or leave it and I for one
will take it, especially if it knocks down some brick walls. I won't send
for lists though without thinking it through....do I really need it, what
would the information do for me and so on.

No one ever said this was an inexpensive hobby <grin>

Elizabeth V. Cardinal

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