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Subject: Re: [Bklyn] Calvary Cemetery fees solutions
Date: Fri, 5 Aug 2005 13:20:25 EDT

FACT: I was told, about one year ago, by the gentleman in charge of Calvary
[name escapes me] that they were beginning to computerize then. It was
confirmed when I phoned there and spoke to Donna this past spring.

FACT: Headstones that were once placed at Calvary, and other NYC cemteries,
are no longer there. Calvary cannot always confirm IF a headstone was ever
purchased, OR is still there w/o sending someone out to look. We all understand
tha Calvary Cemtery is a huge place.

FACT: If your family does not have a headstone, a lawn mover can be run right
over the grass, not around it, not requiring a weed wacker. What are we
talking about for maintenance.

Does anyone know of any NYC cemetery, that actually physically cleans down
headstones annually, as part of perpetual care?

Let's get real here.

BTW...I am not venting. I purchased every possible interment list from
Calvary long ago.

Still skinnin' cats in September,

> Do we know for a fact that Calvary is "computerizing" their records or that
> they have?
> Do we know for a fact, if the above is true, what they will charge for
> look-ups?
> I know they must have some easy way to do lookups or they could not possibly
> tell you on the phone that our relatives are there or not there.
> I don't think too many people object to fees when they do find the
> information they are looking for and we ...well almost all of us grumble
> when we have spent money and found nothing.
> If I had all the money I have spent in the last 20+ years on my family
> history...especially money spent for 0 information, I could take a months
> vacation in Europe.
> Early on, I learned three things:
> Be prepared for finding surprises (pleasant or otherwise)
> Be prepared to spend money for information
> Be prepared to find nothing
> I also wonder especially in the case of Calvary Cemetery how many plots they
> have been caring for where no one has paid for annual care or perpetual
> care?
> I know in my husbands and my own families we have about a dozen plots and we
> have only paid for perpetual care for 2 of them.....one we had to pay when
> the grave was purchased, the other one from 1880, I worked out a payment
> plan with the cemetery and paid it for sentimental reasons.
> There are lots of aspects to this topic and we shouldn't be too quick to
> judge.
> Elizabeth V. Cardinal
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