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Hello, This might sound crazy but it has worked for me a few times, I heard
it from an old Jewish lady when I was in one of the family History centers.
Take just the name, away from the document, enlarge it in one of your
computer programs, print it and then try holding it in front of a mirror.
Right side up and then upside down. Hold it in your hand and hold it upside
down and close one eye.
If the name appears in a written document isolate each letter and compare it
to the name. all else fails scan it and post it on the list. Stranger things
have happened.
Oodles of luck,

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Subject: [BKLYN] Handwriting

Has anyone ever had to use a handwritng person to figure out a name?
I have a marriage certificate from 1893 and there is no way I can figure out

my great grandmothers first or maiden name.

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