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OKAY dennybbok! You have my dander up.
How about we just stop asking questions about what churches my ancestors
went to and in what neighborhoods and when little baby what's his name was
baptized and where was the church in relation to where little baby what's
his name lived.
What in the name of blue blazes do you think Genealogy is all about. Not
just dates and names and addresses. The churches and the church books of
different religions hold a wealth of information about our ancestors.
You are one prickly person . The gentleman you are complaining about is just
about the most knowledgeable person on this list about every subject known
to genealogy. So if he chooses to sign off his e-mails with his religious
signature, Butt out...It's really none of your business.
I'm saying this knowing full well that I am in violation of our listowners
rules and if she censures me, I darn well deserve it. But frankly it's worth
it just to put you on notice that you are so very very wrong to chastise
him. You didn't even have the courtesy to do so in private. Shame on you.

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Maybe people should start posting about Ramadan and other
religious holidays.........

Thus is a gene board and not a place to tout ones faith and
religious beliefs such as what follws. There are other venues for



* L'Shannah Tovah (li-SHAH-nuh TOH-vuh; li-shah-NAH toh-VAH)
Hebrew. Lit. for a good year. The common greeting during Rosh ha Shannah
and the Days of Awe. This is a shortening of "L'Shannah tovah tikatev
v'taihatem" (or, to women, "L'Shannah tovah tikatevi v'taihatemi"), which
"May you be inscribed and sealed for a good year." This year, the two-day
Jewish Biblical Festival of Rosh ha Shannah (Lev. 23:23-25) will begin at
on Wednesday, September 8 on the civil calendar.

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