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From: "Millie Becker" <>
Subject: [NYCHAUTA] re: Oliver Wetherbee, Revolutionary Soldier buried in Chautauqua County
Date: Fri, 30 Aug 2002 22:25:32 -0400

Hi: I have read with interest the question and response in the matter of
Oliver Wetherbee, Revolutionary Soldier, buried in Chautauqua County. I
quote from p. 456, Patriot Soldiers of 1776-1783, Volume II. compiled by
Frederick Ward Kates, Edited by Virginia W. Barden and Published by the
Chautauqua County Historical Society, Westfield, New York 1987:
"Oliver Wetherbe. A Private in Capt. Joseph Fairbank's Company, Col. Asa
Whitcomb's Regiment, Oliver Wetherbe, marched 21 April 1775 to Cambridge,
Massachusetts, with his Company in response to the Lexington-Concord Alarm
of 19 April 1775. He was on duty for three days (Massachusetts Soldiers &
Sailors, XVI, p. 924). This single term of duty is the only record yet
located of his service as a soldier in the American Revolution.
Born 9 April 1743 at Stow, Massachusetts, he served from the town of
Harvard, Massachusetts. On 11 March 1762, at Harvard, Massachuseets, he
married Rachel Willard born 27 November 1745, daughter of Tarbell and Rachel
(Haskell) Willard. He died ca. 1820 in Chautauqua County, New York, but the
date of his death and the place of his burial are not known.
Oliver and Rachel (Willard) Wetherbe were the parents of a son, Oliver
Willard Wetherbee (sic), who was born 16 April 1776, and died 2 December
1850 at Rising Sun, Indiana. The compiler is seeking to ascertain if Oliver
Willard Wetherbe is the smae person as the Oliver Wetherbe who married Sarah
White, the sixth child of James White, Chautauqua County Revolutionary War
This may add to the confusion, or it may open other avenues of research.
I enjoy the two volumes compiled by Rev. Kates. They are well researched
and documented.
Mildred L. Becker, Historian for the Village of Forestville.

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