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Subject: Re: Morgan TANNER wife Electa WHITNEY
Date: 11 Feb 2006 09:54:55 -0700

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I don't know if this little box will let me give all this info, but here goes - anyway.
In the Will of Aaron Whitney Sr. it states;
Seventh (Just the 7th item in the will)
I give and bequeath to my daughter Electa, wife of Morgan B. Tanner a note for $133.76 Dated Dec. 1874 made by her said husband [copy of will cuts off] and such further sum in money as will when added to the [copy cuts off, looks like] financial and interest in said note to Jany 1, 1876 make the sum of [copy cuts off, no idea?] Hundred Dollars.

Now in Aaron Jr. son of Aaron and Electa Leach Whitney, b. 30 Apr 1828 in Chautauqua New York and d. 21 Jul 1916 in Elgin, Kane, Illinois - Will it states [a ton of info]
Page 6
(V) Electa Whitney, who died on or about August 5th, 1903. Said Electa Whitney was married once only and then to Morgan B. Tanner, who died on or about July 8, 1891; that of said Marriage of said Electa Whitney and Morgan B. Tanner seven children only were born, as follows:
(a) Emma Tanner, who married Charles D. Faulkner. Said Emma Tanner Faulkner is dead, that she died prior to the death of said intestate leaving said Charles D. Faulkner, her husband, and seven children of said marriage, as follows:
1. Chester C. Faulkner, living at Union City, Pennsylvania, R.F.D. # 7.
2. A male child who died in very early infancy and who was never named. [God who sees all bless this child and know him as your own - my words Elizabeth]
3. Lee Faulkner, living at Corry, Pennsylvania. R.F.D.
4. Jay Faulkner, living at Union City, Pennsylvania.
5. May Faulkner Brown, living at Union City, Pennsylvania. R. #6.
6. Mary Faulkner Chase, living at Wattsburg, Pennsylvania. R. #4.
7. Sherman F. Faulkner, living at Union City, Pennsylvania. R. #7.
(b) Ellen Tanner Patchen, [note that at you'll find more if you type Patchin] living at Cutting, Chautauqua County, New York.
(c) Matilda Tanner Lewis, living at Amity, Erie County, New York. (P.O., R#7, Union City, PA.)
Page 7
(d) Lucinda Tanner Hibbard, who died December 27, 1900, that said Lucinda Tanner Hibbard was married but only once and then to Albert Hibbard, who is also dead, and no children were ever born of her said only marriage.
(e) Lydia Tanner, who died March 9, 1856, a spinster, [Hay!] and leaving no child or children or descendants of child or children.
(f) Durward W. Tanner, living at Wattsburg, Pennsylvania.
(g) Alice Tanner, who died July 20, 1879, a spinster, [Ugly word] and leaving no child or children or descendants of child or children.
(h) Edward E. Whitney, a natural son of said Electa Whitney, living at 202 E. 11th St., Little Rock, Arkansas.
State of Illinois County of Kane, In the Probate court of said county, August term, A.D. 1917.
In the Matter of the Estate of Aaron Whitney, deceased. Proof of Heirship.
In the 1860 US Census, Pen, Erie, Venango, June 30, 1860, page 14 and 15
MB Tanner age 35 Farmer b. New York
Electa age 35, b. New York
*Ezra age 18, Laborer, b. New York (Edward Ezra Whitney)
E [unreadable] Emma, age 14 b. NY
Ellen, age 12, b. NY
Matilda, age 10, b. NY
Lucinda, age 8, b. NY
Whitney, age 2, b. Penn.
I also have the 1870 and 1880 census for this family and follow Edward Ezra Whitney family.

Hope that is of some use, Elizabeth

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