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Subject: [NYDELAWA-L] Re: Signor/Wood families
Date: Fri, 2 Jul 1999 20:17:37 EDT

Hello Jim and thank you. Alan found me last year and we corresponded via
snail mail because I was not on line then. I was the process of completing
and publishing a 1400+ page third edition of It is McCraw not McGraw and
had put my own ancestry aside. When I finally went on line a month or so
ago and with help from Joyce, floundered my way to the Delaware Co. web site,
I noticed his messages and we have been e-mailing since then. I had sent him
my almost 100 pages of Terry information. Hopefully, I will complete that
and my Russell compilation this month. I am scanning pictures now into these
compilations. I have appended to my Terry compilation Ancestors and
descendants of Reverend Samuel Terry born 26 March 1690 what I know of my
Signor and Schryver ancestry plus my English ancestry through Margaret Coffin
who married Reverend Samuel Terry.
I do not have all of the names of your Albert Signor's children, brother of
my gggrandmother Abigail Signor who married Samuel Terry. I have not learned
how to send attachments yet through e-mail but tomorrow, have a young friend
who is my computer guru coming over to help me so should learn how to send
attachments. All the information I have regarding Albert Signor is that he
was baptized 25Nov1787 New Paltz died 19Nov1874 (ts) on 11June1808 m Abigail
Finch b 10July1788 Salem NY d 2Oct1850 Downsville. Also that he served in
the War of 1812. For the 1810 Delaware Co., I found an Abram Signer which I
believed to be your Albert Signor because brother John Signor was listed on
same page. John Raitt sent me information from the 1830 census in Hamden
that Albert Signor was enumerated with seven females. From that information,
I speculated that Albert had six daughters and in Munsell's history of
Delaware Co., I learned the name of the son Travis T. Signor. I wondered if
that should have been Travis F. Signor because there is a Francis Signor
enumerated on the same page as Albert Signor on the 1850 census with a wife
Adaline and a Pamelia C. Signor. I have three daughters named as Celinda,
Lucinda and Melissa but do not know the names of the other daughters. I also
located Albert and family on the 1850 census and then located Albert on the
1860 census with a Zillah Signor 55. Who was she, do you know?
You might be interested to know that I visited the church where Eva
Catherine Lauermann, wife of Alburtes Schreiber, later Schriver/Schryver, was
baptized in Anhausen Germany. My husband attended an international Geology
and Petroleum Engineers' conference in Geneva in 1984. I contacted Hank
Jones and he gave me the name of the person in Germany who did major
research for his books. I wrote to her and she was gracious enough to
identify the whereabouts of that church. It was goosepimply visit for me and
another long story.
I would very much appreciate receiving your organized copy of the
manuscript in Boston. I am afraid that when at the NEHGS's library, I was
chasing my Terrys and Coffins. I have not been back to the new building.
Have been retired 16 years as Yolo County Law Librariran and my husband has
been retired 14 years. We did a lot of traveling but don't do any overseas
traveling any more. Have to watch the pennies a little closer now but do not
regret traveling when we did it.
I will be happy to send you what I have compiled regarding our Signor and
Schryver ancestry. Imagine you have more than I do and will appreciate your
corrections or comments before I complete this compilation. That is if you
don't mind and have time. Thank you for responding. Carol J. (McCune)

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