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Subject: Re: [NYDELAWA-L] Lumbers, Shingles and Chips
Date: Wed, 18 Aug 1999 21:07:36 EDT

Good Evening Joyce, I am a retired attorney and county law librararian for 32
years. and know a little bit about copyright laws because of the publications
I have published. I did not copyright my publications because I wanted them
to be shared except for the errors, of course, and they are there! Any
information found in public records cannot be copyrighted and certain other
information cannot be copyrighted. But we don't have that worry in this
case. I have talked to Florence Prehn by telephone and I quote her: "I
meant for that information to be shared." She said, if necessary, she would
send written permission.
Harriett Tait Schultz of Binghamton NY [] wrote on 17Aug
that Florence Prehn is the daughter of Etta Mathilda Howland & Walter Lavelle
Tait (who just happens to be my great Uncle.) This all happened because
Florence asked her Mom why so many Sanfords at a TAIT Reunion. All of which
lead to the above compilation. I can tell you that there has been
considerable "Sawdust"since that publication - mos of which I record. As
does Florence as I periodically update her."
Bobtny sent me her Florence's sister in law's telephone number and she gave
me Florence's telephone number. It was a delight to speak with Florence and
she sent you all her love. Florence is 77 but sounded 55 and she is several
years younger than I am. Said she has met so many nice persons in genealogy
to which I say Amen. Florence is still very active in genealogy despite
having had a husband in a nursing home for over four years who is blind,
survived colon cancer and has had a stroke. She is going to send me some
Swart church records. Also, she told me she had done the 1892 Delaware Co.
NY census. Also, has transcribed the 1865 Sullivan Co. State census.
Florence also has an e-mail address and those who are benefitting from her
book, please just say thank you to her. .
My thanks to Harriett and Bob. In answer to Marge's suggestion that I
transcribe this compilation for the website, It will take some younger eyes
than mine to do it. Am using a magnifying glass now to looks for those
persons asking about a certain family. I cannot understand the numbering
either so I will try to keep on helping those who need the information or put
them in touch with someone who already has it. Also, have a thought that
maybe Florence would do a republication or having it copied if enough orders
were prepaid and it would not cost too much. The compilation consists of 96
pages 8-1/2 by 11-1/2 with several pulloup family charts.Will talk that over
with Florence by e-mail tomorrow but wanted to assure you, Joyce, so you
wouldn't worry that we have permission to share this information. I have had
so many queries that my lookups for the census have gone by the wayside and
am finished scanning the pictures in my "The Russell Families of Delaware Co.
NY" which I had hope to be published this year. Almost have the compilation
"Ancestors and Descendants of Margaret Coffin and Reverend Samuel Terry"
proof read and then need to scan pictures into it. I know that this is too
wordy to put on the Delaware List but want those who have inquired about the
above compilation to know what is going on. Thank you for all of your good
work. Carol J. (McCune) McCraw.

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