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From: Joyce Riedinger <>
Subject: [NYDELAWA-L] exhuming skeletal remains
Date: Tue, 05 Mar 2002 08:30:21 -0500

Because "Thurstons" were/are a Delaware County family, I think the
following could be of interest to Delaware researchers - J.

>From Nancy Bush:

Subject: RE: Newspaper Article in Sunday Southern Illinoian newspaper.

This article is several weeks old but I decided to find a site in
central N. Y. to send it to.

Oak Brook (AP)___Archaeologists are exhuming skeletal remains and
antique coffin fragments unearthed when construction crews started
widening a road in Oak Brook.

At first it appeared there were a handful of coffins overlooked when the
cemetary for farmers was moved in the 1960`s. But now the remains of 18
pioneers have been discovered and the archaelogical dig may add $300,000
to the $4.4 million road project officials said.

Archaeologists hired by DuPage County have spent six weeks searching for
remains that were buried on the farm settled by David and Kathryn
Thurston in 1836.

"You have to be delicate because you absolutely want to minimize the
chance of disturbing the grave sires anymore than you already have,"
DuPage County engineer Chuck Tokarski said.

The Thurstons and 20 other families left central New York for the
fertile Illinois plains and came to present-day Oak Brook by covered
wagon, said the Thurston`s great-great-granddaughter, Pat Woodstrup, 72,
of Sycamore.

I do not know if this will be of help to anyone but I would be happy if
it did help someone.

Nancy Bush
Grand Chain, Illinois

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