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Date: Sat, 1 Oct 2005 09:26:06 -0400
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I can't find any record of Stephen Booth serving from NY although there were
several from other states. He also isn't listed in the 1890 veterans census
(John is listed). Neither John nor Stephen seems to have ever applied for a
pension. Stephen is listed as a laborer in the 1910 census, implying that
he was still able to work at age 74.

My understanding is that actual discharge papers were given to the soldier
and that no copy was kept by the government. You can get a copy of the
military service record from NARA. That would have enlistment and discharge
information as well as a record of where the soldier was at about 2 month
increments. See:


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Subject: Civil War soldier HELP

Can someone shed some light on the whole Civil War Draftee process. If
someone is listed on this sight as a Civil War Draftee, does that mean they
actually fought/saw battle or does that mean they were just eligible to be
My great great uncle's John and Stephen Booth of Walton both seemed to be
drafted but I only see John on the discharge page of this site. Stephen
lived to be in his 80's so I know he didn't die in the war. How can I get
actual discharg'official papers etc.? Stephen never married and I wonder if
somehow he was injured in the war.
Hope someone can help as I am new to the military part of this research!

BRRRR It's a chilly FAll day in Central NY!!!


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