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Subject: Re: [NYDELAWA] Peter Miller and Rose
Date: Tue, 13 May 2008 07:23:03 -0700 (PDT)
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Maybe I should be writing to you off list Evelyn, but here goes. It's never
been a driving mystery but I have a mystery Rose family from back around the
Revolution forward and don't know if or how they connect or who this Rose
family is.

The first is a Rebeccah Rose daughter of Isaac, who's apparently a 2nd wife of
Caleb Hill -- they took their whole family from Wallkill Orange NY to Licking
Co OH by 1818. Apparently they crossed old VA & the Ohio River to do it.

Caleb Hill's son Philander 1789-1830 married Bathea Rose from NJ, who appears
to have a brother Isaac H Rose. He may be the one born 1763 Rockland Co, NY,
maried Sarah Bogert. Many Roses migrated there to Licking and Delaware
counties, OH.

So no these Roses aren't exactly in Delaware County NY, but all around it. (and
I've wondered who Peter's wife was, too)


> Date: Mon, 12 May 2008 13:01:16 -0400
> From: "calamityjane" <>
> Subject: [NYDELAWA] Peter Miller and Rose
> Pat,
> The reason I ask is because the Pepacton Removals lists Chloe Rose as the
> name of Peter's wife; and a number of years ago my sister found a reference
> to Chloe someplace in Colchester records.
> I also find it interesting that she, whether Phebe or Chloe, is listed as
> a daughter of William of Tub Mill fame.
> I've argued for years that that William is not William Rose/Roos (husband
> of Elisabeth Schoolcraft) and this seems to me to help confirm my idea that
> it was a different William in the early years of Colchester.
> Actually I've found William Roos located in Kingston baptismal records
> during those years with associations to Marbletown area.
> I have had a suspicion that my 3x great grandfather John Rose bc1770/71
> is a son of William Rose and not William Roos. That would make him a brother
> of Phebe or Chloe- IF I'm correct.
> thanks again for you reply, evelyn

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