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Subject: Re: [NYDELAWA] The BOOK-Letters to Susanna by Bell, Barbara. Also,feebee guesses.
Date: Wed, 1 Oct 2008 09:50:28 -0400
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The surname EBY is common in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. I assume it is of Swiss or German origin. They are often Mennonite.
CAtherine Havemeier> Date: Wed, 1 Oct 2008 06:28:21 -0700> To: ; ; > From: > CC: ; ; ; > Subject: [NYDELAWA] The BOOK-Letters to Susanna by Bell, Barbara. Also, feebee guesses.> > To the persons who guessed that feebee = > Phoebe, you were correct! To the person from the northwest who said > they had a piano-teacher named EBY at one time, you did NOT receive > all the letters. One person who responded sent back to a website a > truncated -message: The first letter-f- was inadvertently left off > the email you picked up on.> However, we now have from you another unusual > surname-EBY. Are their others who know this surname? What is the > ethnic origin?> I have had several requests about how to reach > Barbara Ball to inquire about the book---LETTERS TO SUZANNA.--- > described below in case you missed it.> Mrs. BELL can be reached for > details at [607] 535.4577 in Watkins Glen ,NY. OR, you can write > to 3460 County RT.28. Watlins Glen,NY. 14891. Barbara does NOT > have an e-mail address.---- She has given me permission to relay > her telephone number. Charlotte J.Sheldon> > Begin forwarded message:> > From: C J Sheldon <>> Date: September 29, 2008 9:53:08 AM PDT> To: Jeff Scism <>> Subject: Re: PML Search Result matching (Scism OR Schism OR Schysm OR > Sissom)> > Dear Jeff ,> Thank you very much for your thorough answer. Now > that my curiosity is satisfied ,I can go eat my [late] breakfast: It > is nearly 8:50-A.M. but I live in California so that is O.K.The > number of the spelling variations is astounding for your surname- > SCISM. So surprising, in fact, that I am making a copy of your answer > to send to my sister ,Barbara H. BELL. Barbara is the Schuyler > County, New York Historian-a position she has held quite a long time > now. In addition,she has been at one time Historian for Watkins > Glen , AND the Historian of the Town of READING for, I believe, over > 50 years! Reading is a small village but also a Township up on the > north-west-side hills of Seneca Lake above Watkins Glen. She knows > nearly anything about that area-quite astounding.> In case someone is interested in a special gift > for a young-person's birthday, or a gift for yourself--Barbara some > years ago wrote a book of about 183 pages called LETTERS to SUZANNA. > Each chapter is in the format of a letter answering questions that > Suzanna wrote asking what various parts of peoples' lives were like > back in the days of those who " pioneered" after the Revolutionary > War in upstate NY. However-this would apply to nearly ANY new-born > NYS area / community / township and most of the Northeast as well.> Barbara has all the CHAPTER TITLES listed in the > front CONTENTS: Father Settles; The Big Snow; the Root Cellar;Mama's > Plants;The Horse and Wagon Disaster;Washing,Sewing,and Ironing--40 > Chapters-each a letter to Suzanna.> Suzanna WAS a REAL, young person who had written > Barbara for some information which started the idea for the > book,Letters to Suzanna. As a former teacher of around 30 years > total-mostly in 6th. grade but actually K-9th. and a suvivor of 7 > years of substitute-teaching, I know a thing or two about children's > BOOKS that interest them. ' Letters to Suzanna ' is TOPS for a > historical fiction written to a young person's interests and > perspective's. I would say 5th. grade through adult level.> Equally marvelous for genealogists who are > looking beyond V.R.'s in order to enrich the lives of their ancestors.> Right now, Barbara is working on another book-as > yet untitled, which will be a compilation of articles she has > written for publication over the years about Historical happenings > over many years in the 4 Counties around the south-end of Seneca > Lake.Lrt's seeif I get this right:Would those ce YATES-STEUBEN- > SCHUYLER:and CHEMUNG counties?> > My surnames are not very spectacular like Jeff's > but we do have Pieter EBEL married to Claertje [HENDRICKSE] in New > Amsterdam. I have NO information on her ,a little more on Pieter > because he was hired by the Dutch West Indies Company as -what we > would today call 'security'. He was the first jailer in that village > of New Amsterdam and-from what I gather from the history I have read-- > a combination Constable / Peacekeeper / Policeman / and soldier-- > soldier meaning if he and others were called to 'ward-off > Indians,mostly, and sometimes thieves who> were threatening the Company's interests--i.e. > property.............Hey,Well! Somebody had to do it!> > Charlotte J. Sheldon> On Sep 29, 2008, at 6:04 AM, Jeff Scism wrote:> > C J Sheldon wrote:> >> >> > To Jeff or others--> > I am a NAME-NUT, sort of. Different names / spellings > > I find get my curiosity aroused. Having never heard this > > surname, SCISM-- What nationality is it,if you do not mind the > > question.> > I do some teaching in a weekly genealogy class and so > > different surnames and spellings,too,of course-come up frequently.> >> > In a Connecticut reference I recently read this:See if > > you can figure it out. It did NOT have a capital letter at the > > beginning,either!> >> > f > > eebee> >> > You have to love it.> >> > > > C.J.Sheldon> >> >> Feebee is probably Phoebe.> > Scism is derived from vander Chijs, I think.. (In North America from > the names of people who left the village of Chijs in Flanders, and > came with the dutch in about 1640 to Connecticut/NY areas). The name > followed (as I can best tell) this pattern - vander Chijs (From Chijs > - Pronounced SIZZ) Van Sys, Van Syssen (Son of Sys) Sysson, Sisson, > Scisson, Cism, Chism, and Scism, there may have been a VanCys version > used which may have developed into "Vance". Of Course the theory may > be wrong, but is is best illustrated by the phonetic variations in > historic documents, and over 250 variations of spelling found. > (spelling variations used have started with C,S, and Z, withj and > with out the preceding "van" or "vander".)> > -- > > Jeffery G. Scism, IBSSG> > > > "In the next place, the state governments are, by the very theory> of the constitution, essential constituent parts of the general> government. They can exist without the latter, but the latter> cannot exist without them."> > -- Joseph Story (Commentaries on the Constitution, 1833)> > Reference: Story, Commentaries on the Constitution, 191.> > > > To contact list administrator send email to > -------------------------------> To unsubscribe from the list, please send an email to with the word 'unsubscribe' without the quotes in the subject and the body of the message

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