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Subject: [NYDUTCHE] Re: Quaker Meeting records - how to locate film for OSWEGO meeting, Washington NY - for a Deborah Haight, b. 1763
Date: 15 Feb 2003 13:00:38 -0700

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Oblong Monthly Meeting was the only MM in Dutchess County from 1744 to 1769. When Oblong MM was established, it consisted of 2 local meetings - Oblong meeting itself at Quaker Hill on the eastern edge of the county and Nine Partners meeting with a meeting house in Mechanic (near present Millbrook, town of Washington) in the north central interior part of the county. In 1750, Oblong MM allowed a meeting for worship at Oswego; the meeting house is in the northeast corner of present Union Vale (the town just to the south of the town of Washington).

When Nine Partners MM was set off from Oblong MM in 1769, Oswego meeting became part of Nine Partners, serving central Dutchess County. Oswego was not set off as a MM of its own until December 1799.

Therefore, if you are looking for Quaker vital records in Dutchess County before 1769, you need Oblong MM. Oblong did keep birth and death records in the 18th century. But as a rule, the Dutchess county meetings did not start keeping extensive birth and death records until 1810, when it became a policy of the New York Yearly Meeting. I haven't looked at the Nine Partner records myself, so I don't know if you will find a family record there that might include Deborah's exact date of birth - but I kind of doubt it.

There are some Dutchess County Quaker records online, including Oblong birth records, at


I have abstracted Oswego MM records (which start in 1799), and there is no mention of any of the Haights or Mabbets in your message.

I think the only place you are going to find an exact date of birth in Quaker records is if you are lucky enough to find it in the Oblong MM birth records; or perhaps a family listing of births & deaths in Nine Partner MM records (if they exist); or in a death record in Rensselaer that gives her exact age at exact date of death so that you can calculate a date of birth.

You might be able to find out the names of Deborah's parents on a marriage record - I assume that would be in the Nine Partner MM records, since both families would presumably be members of that meeting at the time of the marriage. Or if Deborah's parents came into Oblong or Nine Partners MM after she was born, maybe she is named on a removal certificate with her siblings and parents (although that seems like a long shot).

LDS microfilm numbers for records of Oblong & Nine Partners MMs are below. Good Luck, Linda

Film # 0017313Oblong MM. Births, marriages, and deaths 1745-1783. Hicksite births and deaths 1828-1893. Hicksite Marriage Certificates 1786-1866. Orthodox Marriage Certificates 1830-1874. Hicksite Removal Certificates 1781-1841; 1841-1884. Orthodox Removal Certificates 1828-1911.

Film # 0017314Oblong MM. Women's Minutes 1796-1873. (Hicksite) after 1828.
Film # 0017315Oblong MM. Men's Minutes 1757-1788.
Film # 0017316Oblong MM. Men's Minutes 1788-1815.
Film # 0017317Oblong MM. Men's Minutes 1815-1884. (Hicksite) after 1828.
Film # 0017312Oblong MM. Orthodox Men's Minutes 1829-1896.

Film # 0017307Nine Partners MM. Births and deaths 1810-1893 (Hicksite after 1828). Marriages 1798-1898 (Hicksite after 1828). Men's minutes 1769-1779. Men's minutes 1820-1851 (Hicksite after 1828).
Film # 0017309Nine Partners MM. Men's Minutes 1779-1797.
Film # 0017310Nine Partners MM. Men's Minutes 1797-1820.
Film # 0017308Nine Partners MM. Hicksite Women's Minutes 1811-1856.
Film # 0017311 Nine Partners MM. Women's Minutes 1794-1811. Orthodox Women's minutes 1837-1862. Register of births, marriages, deaths, and manumission of slaves 1769-1798. Removal certificates 1781-1897 (Hicksite after 1828).

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