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hi Ed,
There are several references to the Tallman studio within the newspapers which I have transcribed-- I've enclosed *Below*a few examples, hope something here is useful for you, -- also you can
check the archives search site to see if there is any further info of interest/help to you.
Linda Web-Page Editor: BETHANY ~ Its Past and Present ~
****The Daily News
Batavia, Genesee County, New York State
May 11-1891
The transit of Mercury was very successfully observed by C.W. TALLMAN at
Batavia Saturday evening at 6:54, the predicted time. The planet made its
first appearance on the edge of the sun about 26degrees south of the sun's
upper edge or equator. A very large sun spot was well advanced on the sun's
disk, which the planet must have passed quite near during its transit.
+ +
The Daily News
Batavia, Genesee County, New York State
Friday Evening, February 2-1883
Fine Stereoscopic Views of winter scenery at Niagara, for sale at
Tallman's gallery.
Progressive Batavian
Batavia, Genesee County, New York State
July 6-1894

Glacetype Photographs.
A new and beautiful picture by an entirely new process, whereby they can
be printed with much greater rapidity than any photographs heretofore made,
requiring less than one-fourth the usual time in printing, thus giving our
customers the benefit of fine pictures at a nominal price. With this new
paper are combined all the finer qualities, retaining the beautiful flesh
tint so much desire, avoiding the chalky whites so prevalent in nearly all
photographic papers. In order to introduce this class of work I will make
photographs for a few weeks for $1.50 to $2 per dozen.
C.W. Tallman,
Opp. Schafer's Commercial Bldg.
* *

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I have several 19th century photographs that were taken by a professional
photographer in Batavia. The backs of some photos read:

"From the Studio of C. W. Tallman, 80 Main Street, Batavia, N.Y."

On others:

"From the Studio of C. W. Tallman, over 80 & 82 Main Street, Batavia,

Still others:

"C.W. Tallman Photographer, 80 & 82 Main Street, Opposite Washburn House,
Batavia, N.Y."

The address change suggest that Tallman expanded (or contracted?) his
business from #80 to #80 plus #82 at some point but perhaps not. Can anyone familiar
with the history of Batavia tell me when the Tallman studio was in business at
these addresses?

Ed Harrison
Lake Clear, NY

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