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I have an Abigale Smith(1791-1858) married to William Edgbert(b. abt 1792-VT)
They were in Madison County, NY until about 1844 when they moved to Lewis
County NY (NewBoston and Pinkney) township of Denmark. William's Brother John
D. Edgbert went to Wisconsin with his family to Barron and Arlington and
Sumner Counties.

My info in John Edgbert is as follows

John D. EDGBERT (Addison Vermont) b. abt1770 {Conneticut ??}
Elger?? \

Deed:Addison,VT 1793 April 15, : 49 plus acres from : Hanks: for 75 pounds
Censes:Addison,VT 1800
Deed:Addison,VT 1802 60 acres + 1.5 acres from Martin L. Crandal for $450.00
March 3, 1802
Deed:Addison,VT 1803 February 23 sold 4 acres plus to Aaron Jackson for
Deed:Addison,VT 1810 February Addison VT sold 60 acres plus 1.5 to John
Downing for $375.00
Deed:Fenner, NY 1812 July 28th bought 116 acres for $600.00 from Elijah Munger

Deed:Fenner, NY 1829 August 24th Sold to Phliander Smith
Deed:Fenner, NY 1830 January 4th bought from Phliander Smith ??
Deed:Fenner, NY 1830 February 15 th sold to Joseph Mills
Deed:Fenner, NY 1830 February 15th bought from Phliander Smith
Deed:Fenner, NY 1831 September 30 bought from Luthor Woodworth
Deed:Fenner, NY 1839 February 6th sold to William Edgbert

Deeds recorded in Courthouse at Wampsville(Oneida) Madison County, New York

Will:1834 Heirs: Betsy Edgbert, Rebecca Edgbert, Mary Fosdick, Lucina Edgbert
and the heirs of Mercy Edgbert

1787 Cencus:John Edgburt Bennington County, VT
1790-1800 ???:John Edgbert Addison, VT
1800 Census :John Edgbar *Agricultural
1820 Census :John Edgebert Madison, Co. Cazenovia, New York *Agricultural

Wife may have been named Sarah _______

Children: John D. Edgbert born 1794 Vermot, Willaim Edgbert born 1792 Vermont
Lucinda Edgbert born 1802 New York ??

I have information on the lines continuing
for John Darius Edgbert and William Edgbert
Lucinda I don't think Ever married.

Arzilla Edgbert married Philander Swift abt 1820
Clue: Elizabeth Edgbert, 63, shows up in the Marshall Co, 1850
census living with Philander Swift, 50, and Arzilla, 48, ....probably Arzilla
mother? Sister of Frist John ?

My surname is spelled EDGBERT, but... its been spelled Edgebert Egbert
Edgbut Edgbar

any way you can ruin a spelling its been done. Does anyone know of this or
does it sound familiar??

Pam Edgbert


> Pam:
> I noticed the following portion of your message on NYMADISO-L today:
> A 11/03/98 message from: Pam Edgbert <>
> ->I have quite a bit on the Smith, Olin, and some on the Westcott's they
> ->somehow connect to my Edgbert lines from Addison and Bennington Vermont.
> Is your SMITH in Madison County? I have Hugh Smith, John R. Smith
> (brothers) and their mother: Nancy (Brown) Smith. Hugh lived in Madison
> County in the 1820 and 30's.... he married Mary Ann Downs. They migrated
> to Wisconsin in the early 1840's, and all of them can be found in
> Jefferson County, Wisconsin, in the 1850 Census....
> If this looks like it may bear a relationship to your family I'd love to
> hear from you.
> John
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