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Subject: [NYSCHOHA-L] Sources for Schoharie Materials
Date: Thu, 28 Jan 1999 17:13:22 EST

This is going to be vague, but thought I'd give it a shot...

I inherited a bunch of different photocopies of information collected on the
Lawyer family - someone in my family went up to Schoharie and got all of this,
say 20 years ago. I tend to think they came from the Old Stone Fort Museum ???

Two of these files in particular, contain a lot of info, and I would like to
be able to name the source when relaying to others.

1st - 6 pages, numbered page 150-155, look like computer print-outs, each
person has a reference number - Johannes Lawyer is No.3501 - highest no. is
3630. Is this from the Schoharie Co. Historical Society?

2nd - 21 pages, numbered II-238 - II-258, all on the Lawyer family, the last
page continues onto the Lathrop family - I believe these may come from the
files of someone in Schoharie who kept records on the various families and
later his/her info was turned over to Old Stone Fort Museum ???

Any help on this appreciated,
Tim Krystopa

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