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From: "Bill & Cathy McGrath" <>
Subject: [NYSCHOHA] Rensselaer County Marriage Index
Date: Fri, 27 Jun 2008 10:12:27 -0400

The following message about the Rensselaer County Marriage Index, which was sent to the Troy Irish Genealogy List, may be of interest to members of this list, especially the comments at the end of the message.

List members may be interested in the status of the Troy Irish Genealogy Project of automating the 10 Volume Rensselaer County Marriage Index.

1. Volumes 1 to 5, with their 32,000 names, are currently on-line on the TIGS website, www.rootsweb.com/~nytigs/

2. Volumes 6 and 7, with their 8,000 names, are now being transcribed. All of the Grooms records have been data entered, proof read and analyzed for errors. About 75% of the Brides names have already been transcribed. When the remaining Brides files are finished and analyzed for errors, the Grooms and Brides names will then be combined by the marriage number, and hopefully, by August, will be put on-line on the TIGS website.

3. Preliminary work has started on Volume 8, with it's 4,000 names. As previously mentioned, the index pages for this volume do not show the marriage number and the date of the marriage. Several local TIGS volunteers have already started to look up the names in the Marriage Book itself, to obtain this information and post it to the photocopy of the marriage index page. Once that work has been done, the index page can then be scanned and sent to a transcriber.

4. The final two index books, Volumes 9 and 10, are similar to Volume 8, in that the index page does not show all the necessary information and look-ups in the Marriage Book will be required to obtain the missing data before the pages can be transcribed.

The following comments about the marriage index may be of interest to family researchers. Having worked on the first 7 volumes of the index, I have observed that, in many cases, the place of birth or residence of the Bride and Groom and even the place of the marriage itself, is OUTSIDE of Rensselaer County and even OUTSIDE New York State. As an example, a record I was looking at the other day had the Groom residing and born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania., the Bride residing in Detroit, Michigan, born in Jamestown, Pennsylvania and the wedding taking place in Troy.

In looking up several family names on the index, I have also found prior marriages for the individuals that were not known to me.

So don't discount checking out the index because it is Rensselaer County and your relatives didn't live there. You never know what you will find!


Bill McGrath
TIGS Project Coordinator
Clifton Park, NY

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