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From: Leslie Potter <>
Subject: The 3 or 4 men named James Abeel who resided in present day Easton,Washington County, NY
Date: Sat, 16 Apr 2005 20:24:57 -0700

Dear List,

I have been re-reading Jane Betsey Welling's "THEY WERE HERE TOO:
Genealogies of the Owners of the Inn at Easton Corners (3 Volumes)" and
contracting a case of eyestrain, as well as, a headache in the process.
Welling starts out by saying that "[t]he Abeels were early "river Dutch"
though as yet we have few facts on their forebears or descendants as the
name is now gone from the Easton area." If anyone knows about the
Abeel family of the Saratoga District of Albany County NY, i.e. present
day Easton, Washington County, NY, I would really like to talk to you,
please. With the given names repeating down through the generations, I
am some what confused.

It appears that were three or four men with the name "James Abeel"
allegedly living in the Saratoga District of Albany County during the
Rev. War. I need to sort out and distinguish these man named James
Abeel from one another in order to make sure that I have identified the
correct James Abeel as the 1779 Saratoga District Taxpayer.

1. James Abeel - the sixth son of David and Mary Duyckink Abeel, who
was baptized on May 12, 1738 in the New York Dutch Reformed Church and
who married Gertrude Neilson, on March 23, 1762. (According to
Whittmore, Gertrude Neilson was the daughter of Dr. John Neilson and it
is alleged that she was also the sister of John Neilson of Great Lott
#14 of the Second Grand Division of the Saratoga Patent. [There are
enough errors in Whittmore's text to cast serious doubt on this

The children of James Abeel and Gertrude Neilson Abeel were:

1. David Abeel - baptized on January 13, 1763, New York Dutch
Reformed Church
2. Johanna Abeel - baptized on September 13, 1764, New York Dutch
Reformed Church (m. Leonard Bleecker)
3. Maria Abeel - baptized on November 30, 1766 and died June 16, 1767
4. John Neilson Abeel - December 1, 1768, New York Dutch Reformed

Whittmore, Henry. "Heroes of the American Revolution: Battle of Long
Island"; pages 190, 191, 197, 198 as corrected by Pamela Sears'
transcription of the records of the New York Dutch Reformed Church.

James Abeel - husband of Abtie Van Buren had the following children
baptized at the Schaghticoke Dutch Reformed Church: 1. Gerret -
baptized on February 18, 1777 (sponsors Gerret Van Buren and Martie Witbeck)
2. Teuntie - baptized on December 1, 1781

Schaghticoke Dutch Reformed Church Baptism Records posted on the
Rensselear County Gen. Web site.

James Abeel - of Easton and husband of Hanna Fish, daughter of Benjamin
Fish (1754-1820) of the 1779 Saratoga District
Tax List.

James Abeel - elected deacon with Jesse Toll when Peter Becker and Col.
Cornelius Van Veghten were elders at the permanent reorganization of the
Dutch Reformed Church at Old Saratoga (now present day Schuylerville,
Saratoga Co., NY) in 1789. (Welling Vol. I page 38)

The Fish Family in England and America - Genealogical and
Biographical Records and Sketches by Lester Warren Fish,
A.B., M.D., Colonel Medical Crops. Res., U.S. ARMY at page 38

In addition I have several unidentified men with the surname of Abeel
whom I feel certain are connected with this "river Dutch" family, but I
do not know how. They are:

Cornelius W. Abeel, who m. (1) Mercy ______ and (2) Nancy Cornell

David Abeel, the husband of Anneke DeRidder (1768) d/o Walter De Ridder
and Anneke Van den Bergh and granddaughter of Abram Gerret Lansing
DeRidder and Mary D. Schemerhorn and great-granddaughter of Gen. Simon
DeRidder by his second wife, Mariah Van Schaick , the daughter of Major
Jacob G. Van Schaick and Geertje DeRidder.

William Abeel, who was a 1779 Saratoga District taxpayer and the father
of Daniel W. Abeel (1791-1788).

Thank you for all of your help.


Leslie Potter

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