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Subject: Re: [NYWESTCH] de Laforg-Lefurgy- Westchester County, N.Y.
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David & Pete (and anyone else interested --

As I have it, here's the Laforge family with the daughter who married a
Sneden. I'd welcome any additions, corrections, etc. I know Margaret Lane
researched the Dobbs family, but I didn't know she researched the LaForge
family too. I'd love to see what info she found. My main interest is in the
Sneden family, but I'm interested in these collateral families as well.
Hester's son Dennis was probably named after his uncle, Dennis Sneden.

Laforge, Adrian (Leforgee, Lefurge; LeFurgy, etc.)
Adrian LaForge, m. 26 May 1748 Tarrytown Ref Ch, Jannettye Post (Jannetje;
Jane), dau. of (prob) Jacob Post & Anne Heddy.
Adrian Laforge was b. L.I.; d. 1788
Janntie Post was b. Yonkers
In the m. record they are "Adrianis Laforsie, j.m., b. on Langh
Ylandt, and Jannettye Post, j.d., b. in Jonckers. Both l. here."
The following may apply to this Adrian Laforge: Liber M,
Westchester County Deeds, p. 41, 18 May 1786, The Commissioners of
Forfeiture to George Fisher of the City of New York, baker; land in the
Manor of Philipsburgh, formerly possessed by Adrian Laforge, and forfeited
to the People of the State by the attainder of Frederick Philipse.
Adrian Leforge of Westchester Co. dated his will 28 Apr 1788;
probated 27 June 1788 Westchester Co., NY. In it he mentioned wife; son
John; son-in-law Henry Wilsee, grandson Dennis Sneathen; "my children
living with me at present," to wit. Elizabeth Leforge, Jacobus Leforge,
Charity Leforge, Martin Leforge, and Hendrick Leforge. Executors were Henry
Willse, son Jacobus Leforge and Jacobus Dyckman. Wits. were Jacobus
Dyckman, Evert Brown, Wm. Dunlap.
---children of Adrian LaForge & Jannetye Post:
* Hester Leforge, b. abt. 1749/50; d. before 29 Apr 1785; m. William
Sneden, son of Robert Sneden, Jr. & Mollie Dobbs. According to a receipt
dated 29 April 1785 ("Received of Mr. Adredan Leforge nine shillings it
been in full of my account agenst Mrs. Easter Sneden Deceased I say Recd pr
me this 29th Apriel 1785-William (S.?) Lowe"; (LeFurgy Mss) Hester Sneden
had died prior to this time.William Sneden evidently married again, but
further information is yet to turn up. William Sneden was a Loyalist, and
at the Evacuation of New York City in 1783 he went to Shelburne. Nova
Scotia with his brother Samuel, but did not remain permanently. Prior to 10
September 1787, when he signed a Power of Attorney to his mother for the
sale of his interest in the Sneden's Landing property, he was living at
Powels Point, Currituck County, North Carolina, where he was a shipwright.
He apparently remained there until his death in 1829. "Grandson Dennis
Sneathen", is mentioned in the will of Adrian LeForge of Westchester
County, N.Y. dated 28 April 1788, proved 27 June 1788.
* Jane Leforge, m. Hendrick Wilse (Henry Willse), son of Hendrick Wilsie &
Rachel Van Wert. Hendrick was bp. 19 Apr 1746 Tarrytown Ref Ch.
* John Leforge
* Elizabeth Leforge
* Jacobus Leforge
* Charity Leforge
* Martin Leforge
* Hendrick Leforge
---Sources: Bristol, Theresa Hall, "Abstracts of Wills Recorded at White
Plains, Westchester County, New York, Subsequent to May 1, 1787 (Liber A),
in New York Genealogical & Biographical Record, April 1924, p. 146;
Tarrytown Marriages; Durie, Howard I., "The Post Family of Westchester and
Rockland Counties, New York; and Bergen County, New Jersey" 1968 7pp;
Bristol, Theresa Hall, "Westchester County, N.Y. Miscellanea" (Liber M.,
Wesychester Co. Deeds) in New York Genealogical & Biographical Record, July
1924, p. 203

I have a little more on the Laforges and a lot on the Sneden family (one of
my lines).

Here's the Sneden family William was part of:

Robert Sneden, Jr., son of Robert Sneden & Sarah -?-, m, prob. by 1730,
Mary/Maria Dobbs (Mollie), dau. of (prob.) John Dobbs & Abigail -?-
Robert Sneden was b. prob. after 1713 Westchester Co., NY; d. prob.
by 1754 (and certainly by 1 Jan 1756).
Mary/Maria/Mollie Dobbs was b. about 1709 at or near Dobb's Ferry,
Westchester Co., NY; bp. 2 Aug 1709 Tarrytown Ref Ch; d. 31 Jan 1810, ae
101 Palisades, Rockland Co., NY; buried Palisades, Rockland Co., Cemetery
On 1 January 1756 a license to operate a tavern at the landing was
issued to "Mary Sneden, Wido." On 26 September 1766 letters of
administration "on the estate of Robert Sneden of Orange Co., farmer,
deceased" were granted to his son, Dennis Sneden.
Robert Sneden was a carpenter and farmer. He was called a carpenter
in the 18 January 1734 deed for land in Eastchester from his father (Book
G, p. 171, dated Jan. 18, 1734, Robert "Snedden Senr." (Snewden) yeoman to
son, Robert Snedden, Junr., carpenter, for consideration of 100 pounds.)
He came to what is now Palisades, Rockland County, N.Y. from the
Eastchester area in Westchester County, N.Y. about the year 1740. He is
thought to have first rented a portion of the Corbett land bordering the
Hudson River. In 1745 a survey by Phillip Verplanck showed "Sneeding's
house the ferry." Robert Sneden purchased 120 acres on 28 July 1752 from
Mary Corbett Ludlow and Henry, her husband. This tract covered the former
Corbett homestead (which Mary Corbett Ludlow had inherited from her
father), the ferry site, and adjoining land along the river. Robert died
abt 1754/56.
Robert Sneden was strictly a farmer; it was his wife, Mollie, who
ran the ferry at Sneden's Landing. Although there is no concrete proof that
Robert's wife was Mary/Maria/Mollie Dobbs, the circumstantial evidence
(including her birthdate; the longevity of certain Merritt/Dobbs family
members; and the Dobbs/Sneden involvement with ferries on both the east and
west shores of the Hudson) strongly supports this conclusion.
Mollie may have married (2) by N.Y. license dated 24 May 1765,
George Calhoun. Despite a license being issued, Mollie may not have
actually married him; she apparently did not make recorded use of his name
(although "Mary Calhone" did purchase articles from her deceased husband's
estate; see below). Mollie's dau. Mary Sneden, married, about 2 weeks
later, Samuel Lawrence. On 30 September 1765, George Calhoun bought from
Samuel and Mary Lawrence for £50 their 12-acre share of the Sneden
property. The names of "George Calhone" (11 entries) and "Mary Calhone" (7
entries) appear as purchasers, on a list of articles sold 19 January 1767
at public vendue of the personal estate of Robert Sneden, deceased, by
Dennis Sneden, his son, administrator. "Mary Calhone" is the only female
name on the entire list. At this vendue, various household and farming
items were sold, as well as tools (perhaps for shipbuilding?), "1 pidgen
net; Pidgen cage & pidgens," "1 bote" (to John Sneden), and "1 Ferey Bote"
(to Dennis Sneden).
Mollie Sneden ran the ferry at the river bank at what came to be
called Palisades (formerly Rockland), Orange Co. (in the section that later
became Rockland County), N.Y. The place was called Sneden's Landing by
1759. In addition to running the ferry, Mollie ran a public house, where
she was licensed to "entertain travelers with all sorts of strong liquors."
Mollie and her sons, excepting John, were Loyalists. Howard Durie has
suggested that son John was the family's only professed patriot son in what
may have been an arrangement possibly planned by the family to secure the
property from being confiscated.
There are several stories told about Mollie; she is supposed to
have piloted Martha Washington across the Hudson in 1775, when that lady
was on her way to join her husband in Cambridge, Mass. On another occasion,
she is said to have helped a British soldier escape by hiding him in a
chest on which she placed pans of cream to rise. When his pursuers arrived,
and asked for something to drink, she offered them all the milk they
wanted, but asked them not to disturb the cream she had set out. Later,
when they had gone, she released the British soldier and late at night she
ferried him across the river. There are even stories that Mollie was a spy
during the Revolution (depending on which story, for both the British and
the Rebels!), but nothing has been found to substantiate this. In addition
to being ferry-mistress, Mollie was also known as a crack pigeon-shot.
Indeed, as the story goes, she is purported to have shot 100 pigeons with
one blast.
A Revolutionary order of the Committee of Orange Co. reads:
"Whereas Dennis Snyden, James Snyden, William Snyden, and Samuel Snyden,
all living at or near a place commonly called Snyden's or Dobbs Ferry on
the west side of Hudson's River in the County of Orange and State of New
York, have refused to sign any or either of the Associations that have been
put forth or recommended by our honorable convention; and as the above said
persons are greatly suspected of carrying on a treasonable correspondence
with our natural enemies, or ships of war belonging to the King of Great
Britain, lying in aforesaid river, by the great opportunity afforded them
in the privilege they have by keeping the ferry: knowing the aforesaid
persons to be inveterate enemies to the common States of America, Therefore
Resolved, that the above Dennis Snyden, Jesse [sic] Snyden, William Snyden
and Samuel Snyden are hereby forewarned not to keep ferry, or employ any
other person to ferry in their room, or employ a craft on the aforesaid
river, upon any pretence whatsoever, and all other persons are hereby
forewarned against having any correspondence with the above said Snydens,
or any other person or persons whatsoever that are in any degree enemies to
the Liberties of America. And whereas John Snyder is advertised in the
public Gazette as pilot of the ships of war on the above said river,
greatly to the damage of he said John Snyder, it is hereby requested that
the said Printer shall insert Robert Snyden instead of John Snyder, who has
always appeared to be a warm friend to the common cause of America." Per
order of the Orange County Committee, Clarkstown, July 29, 1776.3
Because of their Loyalist sympathies, some of Mollie and Robert
Sneden's sons settled and/or received land grants in Nova Scotia and New
Brunswick after the Revolutionary War. Sons William and Samuel, then of
Shelbourne, Nova Scotia, sold their brother John their interests in the
Palisades property "at Rockland," as Palisades was then called, on 20
December 1788.
---children of Robert Sneden Jr. & Mary/Maria/Mollie Dobbs:
* Abraham Sneden, b. about 1733; m. (1) 4 Nov 1759 NYC, Rachel Swartout; m.
(2) May 1763 Susannah Knapp.
* Charity Sneden
* Dennis Sneden, b. 13 Nov 1735; d. 13 Jan 1824 (or 16 June 1824? 6 June
1824 on his tombstone in Palisades, NY Cemetery). Dennis apparently never
* John Sneden, b. about 1738; d. 1 April 1822; m. (1) Oct 1762 Ellison
Lawrence; m. (2) Margaret Riker.
* Mary Sneden, b. 28 May 1739; m. 7 June 1765 Trinity Church Parish, NYC
(marriage bond dated 7 June 1765) Samuel Lawrence, born about 1722 West
Farms, Westchester County, NY. He was the son of Jonathan Lawrence and Mary
Betts and the brother of Mary's brother John's first wife, Ellison
Lawrence.8 Other sources give Samuel Lawrence's wife as Isabel Bishop, dau.
of Joshua Bishop; if so, perhaps Mary was Samuel's second wife.7 Samuel
Lawrence had children (apparently with first wife, Isabel Bishop):
* Mary Lawrence, born 1746; m. Isaac Post.
* Samuel Lawrence, born 1752; m. Abigail -?-.
* Robert Sneden, b. about 1743 (?). He was a United Empire Loyalist. Robert
Sneeden, of Orange County, N.Y. was granted a lot (#420) at Parrtown (later
renamed St. John) in Nova Scotia (in the section that later became New
Brunswick), but may not have actually settled there.6 He may never have
married and may have died soon after the Revolution.
* James Sneden (Jesse; Jasper), m. Sarah Berrian, daughter of Daniel
Berrian of NYC.
* William Sneden, b. prob. between 1745-1750 (or 1739?); d. 18 Nov 1829 New
Hanover Co., NC; m. (1) about 1775-1776 Hester Laforge; m. (2) -?-. A
Loyalist, after the Revolution, he removed to Shelburne, Nova Scotia. He
returned to the United States prior to September 1787 and settled in North
* Samuel Sneden, b. prob about 1750; d. (prob) Shelburne, Nova Scotia
before 1795; m. Mary -?-. A Loyalist, he removed to Shelburne, Nova Scotia
at the close of the Revolution, and apparently died there. After his death,
his widow and children returned to the United States and settled at
Sneden's Landing in Rockland County, NY (and later, by 1810, in what became
the Borough of Rockleigh, Bergen County, NJ).
[1] Shelburne, Nova Scotia, Town Assessment Lists
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Revolutionary War. Capt. William Coates showed me, Oct. 19,
1894, a copy of a bill for charges made by him for ferrying troops (no
date) of "Gen'l Nixon's Brigade, James King, Lieut." Names of officers
mentioned in the bill were: Lieut. James Sayre, Capt. Eben
Woodhull, Capt. Thos. Moffet's Co., Capt. Sam'l Raymond. Total amount of
bill: £ 15.18.9. Dennis Sneden lived in New York City in
1784. He had a brother Samuel, who had a son Samuel and a daughter Mary,
and who lived in Nova Scotia."
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Brunswick, Fredericton, N.B., Canada, 1955, p. 330; "January Ye 19th 1767.
A book of the articles sold at publick vandue of the Personal Estate of
Robert Sneden, Diecased by Dennis Sneden his Son Administrator." This
typescript (at the Rockland County Historical Society) was apparently made
at an unknown date by Raymond T. B. Hand of Nyack, N.Y., owner of this mss.
book ("in my collection of papers, documents, etc., relating to the Sneden
family and other historical matters relating to Rockland County from early
Colonial times." [signed] Raymond T.B. Hand]). The name "Mary Sneden" (nor
Mollie, Maria, nor any variation) does not appear in this list as a
purchaser, although the names of Mollie's and Roberts sons do (as
purchasers): Dennis Sneden (sixteen times, including "1 Ferey Bote"); John
Sneden (ten times, including "1 bote"); Robert Sneden (12 times); Newspaper
clipping from an unidentified newspaper, pencil-dated Aug. 1st, 1940:
"Molly Sneden, Rockland Revolutionary War Heroine, Was Tory, Not Patriot"
(at Rockland County Historical Society); Newspaper clipping from (Rockland)
Journal News, May 30, 1982: "Molllie Sneden's legend now carved in granite"
and "trail to old cemetery marked by controversy" both by James Walsh (at
Rockland County Historical Society); "After the Dobbs...the Snedens...et.
al" by Sister Mary Agnes Parrell, in Westchester Historian, Vol. 50, No. 2,
p. 38 (1974)

My ancestor was Samuel Sneden, the brother of William, mentioned above. I'd
love to have anything further on any of these families.


Pat Wardell in Englewood, FL

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