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From: Russ McGregor <>
Subject: [NorthFayette-L] History of South Fayette Township
Date: Tue, 28 Apr 1998 21:47:19 -0400

The following is a short history of South Fayette Township taken from
of Allegheny County, Pennsylvania." - 1876

South Fayette Township

North and South Fayette are closely connected, historically, and had not
their geographical connection been partially severed by the erection of a
new township they would have been treated under a single heading.
Probably the first settler in South Fayette was one Miller, who settled at
the mouth of Millers’s Run. But little is known of him. He settled there
before 1768, was of English descent, and emigrated from the township to
Kentucky as soon as settlements began to be made in that State. He had
quite an extensive tract in South Fayette, and on leaving sold it to a
land-jobber, named Campbell, for a pair of shoes.
The next settler, and the first permanent one, was Christopher Lesnet. He
emigrated from Germany to Baltimore, Maryland, and came from there to South
Fayette before 1770.
William Bries, Obadiah Holmes, James Dinsmore, Moses Middleswart, and
Gabriel Walker all came to the township before 1785. Gabriel Walker settled
about a mile southwest of Walker’s Mills. In 1782 his family was surprised
by a large body of Indians. Two boys were killed and scalped in the field,
and three –a son and two daughters—were taken prisoners. The prisoners were
taken to Canada, and after an absence of three years returned home. On the
next morning after the murder, a large company of settlers assembled and
pursued the Indians. They came up with them a few miles above Steubenville,
in the act of crossing the Ohio River. The pursuers fired upon them and
killed two Indians. Knowing that they would murder the prisoners if
overtaken, and fearing to fire any more lest they should wound them, they
followed them no farther.
The oldest log school-house was probably on land of Thomas Alexander. It
stood there in 1790. There were several of these old school-houses
scattered through the township at a very early date.
The oldest church was near Robinson’s Run, and was of the United
Presbyterian denomination. The Presbyterian Church on the bank of MillRun
is also quite ancient. It was built in 1814.
The first post-office was at Herriottsville. John McEwing was the first
Postmaster. There are now two post-offices; one at Oakdale. Oakdale is a
village of some consequence, and lies partly in North and partly in South
The Chartiers Valley Railroad enters the township, and runs through it
for a short distance on the southeast. The Pittsburgh, Cincinnati and St.
Louis Railroad crosses it on the north.
There are many pre-historic relics in various parts of South Fayette.
Among the most noticeable are some graves on a tract first occupied by John
Vance. Large piles of stone, in several places on that tract, were found to
contain many and curious remains of the stone age.

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